Witch Craft Works Season 2: Latest Update

In 2014, a series of anime called Witch Craft Works was released. It was in the category of fantasy and it had first steps in 2010. The manga is where the anime starts. And the anime is only a partial adaptation of the manga. Seven years ago, the first episode of the anime was shown to 2000 people in Tokyo’s Cinemart Shinjuku theater. It was created by the same studio as the anime Food Wars! and One Punch Man. It originally aired in Tokyo MX between January 5, 2014 – March 23, 2014 and the second season has not been shown yet. But fans have been waiting for it for years.

Anime can have a second season. An anime has different parts that people will watch. This is like a story. To do this, you go to the first episode and then you follow it through all the episodes until it ends. Sometimes there are more episodes in between before you finish it or there could be many seasons of an anime and they could be long or short (or both). There was a lot of time that passed between when the first season ended and now and we have not seen any new episodes for the second season yet. But we know that there will be another one because people still talk about how much they enjoyed the show so far in our discussions on school trips and some other places so I am sure that if they make.

Witch Craft Works Season 2: Plotline

Takamiya Honoka is a student with problems like any other. Every day he gets on the bus with a girl called Kagari, who is popular at school and liked by all students. Even though they have desks next to each other at school, they don’t talk to each other. The only time she talks to him is when her fan club bullies him for anything between them.

Takamiya was in the school yard when part of the school fell on him. Kagari saved him but she was wearing witch clothes and standing on a broomstick. The next day, warrior rabbits attacked Takamiya and Kagari burned them down. Kagari told Takamiya that she no longer needs to protect him secretly; she will protect him openly from now on.

Witch Craft Works Season 2

The princess is with the person she loves, but people in school don’t like this. They don’t want the princess to be with someone who they think is not good enough for her. But the princess won’t leave him. The other person doesn’t want to let go of her either, so a group of witches will move to Takamiya’s class at school.

Witch Craft Works Season 2: Latest Update?

J.C. Staff or any related company is not yet renewing the anime for a second season. The first season was released in 2014, but there is no leak for a new season so far. We have often seen that animes come out with new seasons, even if it’s been a long time. If the manga is still going, then there might be a new season of Witch Craft Works.

The manga is written and illustrated by Ryū Mizunagi. The manga started to publish in March 5, 2010. And it is still going. At the time of writing, there are 15 volumes of this manga series that has been translated into English. The anime is based on 6 volumes and it first aired. Therefore, the manga should have continued for a long time to provide enough source material. Today, there are 9 volumes of the manga that have not been converted into an anime yet. That is enough source material for a second season.

Another important factor is selling discs. Sales of discs were not as strong back in the years when Witch Craft Works was published, but they were still worth a lot. According to the information, anime is expected to sell at least 6,000-7,000 copies. If it is below this amount, then the decision committee decides not to have a second season.

A total of 6 DVDs were sold for the anime. The average is 4,377 units which is not a lot. It is not considered a success. Haikyuu sold 25,514 units in the same period as Love Live’s 2nd season. It sold more than 67,341 of it. Two hundred fifty anime were sold. Witch Craft Works came 38th. This ranking is not very promising because animes don’t come back for a new season very often.

When a popular anime is only released on certain platforms, it is more likely that there will be a new season. However, Witch Craft Works doesn’t have any of these. We can’t see a strong expectation for the show. The Twitter account for this anime is followed by 10,000 people. This shows that people in Japan are not expecting much from their future. In general, it is hard to have a second season of an anime if there are no manga. But it is not impossible if the anime has manga competence.If the new season is approved, we can see the anime in 2022-2023.

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