Palestinian kills 1, Injures 4 Before Police Shoot Him Dead

Palestinian kills 1, Injures 4 Before Police Shoot Him Dead

A Palestinian man killed one Israeli and injured four others. This happened on a day where many people were going to a holy place. The Palestinian man was shot by the police, who said this happened near an entrance to a place that is really important for some religions.

Violence, which is holy to both faiths, has triggered fighting between Israel and the Palestinians in the past. Most recently, in May, there was a fight when paramedics said that one person suffered serious wounds and three others were injured. Later on, in Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital, that person who had been critically injured died.

The paramedics said the Palestinian man was dead. They were sure he died at the scene.

The police say that two of the people who were hurt are officers. The attacker is in his 40s. He is from east Jerusalem. Three days ago, his wife left the country.

The Hamas militant group praised the attack. They didn’t say they had anything to do with it. They called it a “heroic operation.”

“Our people will continue to fight against the Zionist occupier. They will use any means necessary to get rid of the occupier from our holy sites and all of our lands.”

Dimiter Tzantchev, the ambassador-designate to Israel, sent a tweet with his thoughts about the attack in Jerusalem. He said that his thoughts were with victims, and he condemned this senseless attack against innocent people. People cannot answer violence with violence.

Yesterday, there was another shooting in the old city of Jerusalem. Two days ago, a Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israeli border police officers. Even though shootings happen less often, they have happened more than once in the past few days.

The two officers were hurt, and the person who did it was killed. They’re from east Jerusalem. There have been many attacks in Israel that are like this one. People carry out these attacks with knives, guns, or cars.

Palestinians and rights groups say that some of the car rammings were accidents. They also accuse Israel of using too much force.

In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They also took over East Jerusalem. But the international community doesn’t recognize these actions.

The Palestinians want the land that is in the West Bank and Gaza for their own independent state. They want it to be called Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

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