Three Arrested After Police Chase Ended With a Crash Near Chili Ave. In Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (CSU) — Three people were arrested by Rochester Police after they stole a car. They drove it into a pole near Chili Avenue.

Police have found a stolen vehicle. It was being used during an attempted robbery. They found the vehicle near North Street after 10 p.m. ROCHESTER police asked the driver to stop, but he refused. So the police followed him through downtown Rochester.

People who stole a car tried to escape. They crashed into a fire hydrant after they lost control of the car. The chase was started far away from this crash, and so no one was hurt in the crash.

All three were taken to the Rochester Police Department quickly. They are there now and will wait for their charges. The investigation is still going on. We do not know more information at this time.

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