UK Police Arrest Three After Liverpool Car blast

UK Police Arrest Three After Liverpool Car blast (2)

British police arrested three people on Sunday. They were arrested under anti-terrorism laws. 1 man died, and one was injured when a car blew up outside a hospital in Liverpool.

Police said three men who are 21, 29, and a third person were detained in the Kensington area of the city. They were arrested under the Terrorism Act. Police also closed off another street in the city. They did not say what they were doing.

Police were called because someone said there was a blast at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital early on Sunday morning. They saw something that looked like a car that was on fire near the main door.

The Merseyside police said in a statement that the car pulled up at the hospital before the explosion occurred. Police officers are still trying to figure out what happened. It might be a while before they find out.

A man who was in the car died. The driver is being treated for injuries that are not life-threatening. The explosion happened just before 11:00 GMT on Remembrance Sunday, and it killed people.

The police do not think it was a terrorist attack. They are still investigating. The police are looking for any clues to the cause of the explosion. Britain’s interior minister, Priti Patel, said that she was being kept updated on the incident.

The Liverpool Women’s Hospital was closed for a little bit because of a problem. They were closed until they fixed the problem. Then they opened again. Firefighters said they put out the car fire fast. A person left the car before it got too bad.

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