Small Business Loans Still Helping Pandemic Recovery

Small Business Loans Still Helping Pandemic Recovery (1)

During the pandemic, the Small Business Administration (SBA) got a lot of attention for its COVID-19 relief programs. Its Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) gave many American businesses loans in 2020.

A huge bank in Tennessee processed more than $405 million in PPP loans, which saved many businesses because of the bad effects on the U.S. economy from the pandemic.

Small Business Loans Still Helping Pandemic Recovery (2)

Many people in Middle Tennessee are not aware of the things the SBA does for small businesses. They help small business owners understand what is available and how to use it.

The SBA can help small businesses by giving out loans. These loans are good for people who want to keep their money. The terms of the loan are better than normal loans. You may have to give up less of your own money, and the payments will both be lower and take longer than with other loans.

The following list provides an example of many ways that a small business owner can use an SBA 7(a) loan.

  • In some cases, you may need to improve your home. You can do this by building or renovating.
  • You can buy land, or you can buy stuff for your “land.” You might need to build something on the land. The land is good because it does not change. It’s always there.
  • Working capital and inventory are money to buy things.
  • Financing for starting a new business, buying another business, or partnership buyouts.
  • Refinancing business debt is when you borrow money for your company.

The maximum loan amount an SBA 7(a) can give is $5 million. If you are well-prepared, it will not take long until you know if the loan gets approved. Once the loan is approved, they send you a letter with what they call “terms and conditions”.

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The process of closing on your house can be different based on what type of project it is. If it is a straight purchase or business acquisition, then the process should be quick. This could take longer for other projects like renovations and construction, which need more time to finish.

The SBA can be hard to tell if a business qualifies for an SBA 7(a) loan, but most small businesses qualify if they meet these criteria:

  • The business must be small, and it must operate in the United States or its territories.
  • If you want to use the loan for business purposes, the money must only be used in sound businesses.
  • A lot of different types of businesses are eligible. Some exceptions include but are not limited to Real estate investments, Lending companies, Pyramid sales companies.

Additional businesses can not get a loan from the SBA if they are not stable in value. For example, a business that sells coins would not be able to get a loan.

The bank lends the business the money. The SBA provides a guarantee for 75% of the loan amount with conditions met by both the bank and SBA. If those conditions are not met, then both parties lose some of their shares.

The bank needs the SBA to be able to offer you a loan. The SBA will give this loan if you follow their rules and requirements.

The SBA has experts in lending. They are experts in this field. You could ask them for help with your loan. You should work with a bank that takes care of all of your banking needs because if you don’t have enough money to pay them back, they will not let you borrow more money from them.

Tennessee is home to many small businesses. These small businesses give jobs and make our communities great.

Government programs can help you start your business. There are loans and other programs that the government offers. Find one that will work for you.

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