Biden Announces ‘historic’ Deal — But There’s No Action Yet

Biden Announces ‘historic’ Deal — But There’s No Action Yet

President Joe Biden as well as Democrats in Congress have found a way to make the policies from his big package. But he still needs to get votes from people for his smaller bill.

Biden was excited to get a deal before he left for summits. He talked privately with Democrats in Congress and publicly at the White House. The White House wanted a package that would be able to pass the Senate, which is 50-50. It had social services and climate change programs that were worth $1.75 trillion dollars.

Democrats are getting closer to a deal. They still have relatively little works to do, though, and they also have meetings ahead of them.

Biden said, “let’s get this done.”

“This will change the lives of many people. It will make them happier. The package would show that American democracy is not dead.” Together with a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden said that this would be a domestic achievement. He said it would be like Franklin Roosevelt’s and Lyndon Johnson’s achievements.

Biden told the lawmakers at the Capitol that he needs their votes. He asked them to vote for him.

But the final votes will not be called for a while. The revised package has been changed, and some of the top priorities have been lost. This makes many lawmakers frustrated because President Trump’s ambitions are less important than the reality of Congress, which is divided.

The plan to give people paid family leave, or help lower the prices of drugs, is now gone. Some lawmakers and advocates are very angry about this. The president still has many other things to do. One of them is free prekindergarten for all children, expanded health care programs, and tackling climate change.

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If you have a child and you need to take care of them, there is $100 billion for the immigration and border processing system. The COVID-19 rescue helped to put this in place. A Democratic senator who did not want to vote for the bill said, “I am waiting to get it done.”

However, another senator said he was not sure about it. The person’s name is Joe Manchin from West Virginia. He said, “This is all in the hands of the House right now.” The two Democrats have worked hard to make the party’s big vision smaller. They are important to making the deal happen.

Republicans are against this, and it is hard for Biden to get things done. He needs Democrats, and they only have a narrow majority in the House and Senate. After negotiations, Biden’s bill is still among the most sweeping in a generation.

As he was going to the meetings, Biden made it clear how important it was to show progress. He said, “We are at a turning point.” All of the other countries are wondering if America can function. Biden asked for a lively vote. Richard Neal said he would do his best to make that happen.

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Twice during a meeting, Democratic lawmakers stood up and yelled: “Vote, vote, vote!” Rep. Gerald Connolly from Virginia said that. President Biden had a new plan. That plan would be paid for by making some people pay more taxes. It would also give back money to people who earn less than $400,000 a year.

If you buy this package, you will make more money. We will also take some of the money that Donald Trump’s team gave to people who don’t pay taxes and use it for these packages. If someone doesn’t want this package, Joe Biden promises to put all the money back into the government so that they can’t spend it on things like paying their debts.

The framework for the law has been changed, so it is now 1,600 pages long. But it has not yet been agreed to by lawmakers and aides.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, the progressive leader, said that her caucus endorsed the framework. Progressive lawmakers worked to delay further action. They want to see what is in the text because they don’t want anybody to be confused or misunderstand anything.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, said that Joe Biden asked her to vote on an infrastructure bill. The Senate already voted for it. But there is a problem with the broader bill. There are progressives who were not happy about this because they thought that Biden didn’t seem to be in a hurry to vote on the infrastructure bill.

The Democrats haven’t voted on the roads-and-bridges bill. They are waiting for Democrats to agree on a bigger package.

The congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, said “No” about letting the bill that fixes up our roads and bridges pass.
Representative Cori Bush, D-Mo., shared her story of working for low wages and how she couldn’t afford to take care of her children. She wants to make positive other people who don’t have the same struggles.

Some people want to ride on the bus, and we can’t do that because we need two bills. And if we don’t have those, then it will be hard for us to ride. I feel a bit bamboozled because I thought something different was going to happen today.

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Instead, Congress approved an extension to Sunday’s deadline for funds that were at risk of expiring. Two Democrat senators now hold a lot of power. They can decide if Biden will be able to deliver on our major campaign promises.

Sinema is pushing the Democratic party to not undo the Republican’s 2017 tax cuts. And Manchin pushed back on a plan for clean energy, cutting paid family leave and imposing work requirements for parents who receive child care support.

Progressives achieved one key priority. They wanted Bernie Sanders’ idea for people on Medicare to get hearing aids. Progressives also wanted him to include dental, and vision cares too. Other insurance plans give subsidies to people who can’t afford the cost of health care in states that don’t have Obamacare.

This new package will set up some political battles in the future. For example, the child care tax credit expires at the same time as next year’s midterm elections. Meanwhile, most of the health care funding will expire in 2025. This is a good strategy for politicians to get attention ahead of their presidential campaign.

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