The White House Does Not Have Any Treats for Halloween This Year

Ghosts and goblins can’t trick or treat at the White House this year. On Halloween, the president and his wife will be in Europe, so they won’t be at the White House to hand out candy.

Instead of the White House’s white lights, it will have orange lights on the Pennsylvania Avenue side to celebrate Halloween. The Bidens are new to the White House this year. They have never celebrated Halloween there before, so it will be their first time.

President Joe Biden and the first lady are going to travel internationally on the last days of October. They will not be hosting an event at the White House while they are gone. The president will go to the Group of 20 summits in October. He’ll be in Rome for this.

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LaRosa did not mention the Covid-19 pandemic in his statement. Biden and his wife are encouraging families to celebrate Halloween by trick or treating outdoors. Public health experts say that it is safest during the pandemic to do this outside.

The White House Does Not Have Any Treats for Halloween This Year (2)

Last year, President Trump and Melania hosted trick or treaters at the White House for Halloween. This made sense because the president had recovered from COVID-19. The celebration was tweaked to take into account that people could catch coronavirus.

The president and first lady did not give out treats. They just waved and gestured as the kids walked by. Guests older than two and White House personnel at the event had to wear masks or cover their faces with something. Staffers handing out candy also wore gloves on their hands.

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