Rent A Girlfriend season 2: Release Date, cast and Plot

Rent A Girlfriend season 2 Release Date, cast and Plot (1)

The movie Rent A Girlfriend is not like your usual secondary school romantic comedy. It makes you dislike the principal hero in the series, and it continues to make you want to forget about him. This movie’s idea of love is different from a normal one. Therefore, people are looking for a Rent A Girlfriend Season 2.

Yet, just by sticking out and challenging the bad feelings that people had at the beginning of the series, ‘Rent A Girlfriend’ has a strong fanbase of its own.

If you watched all of Season 1 without being killed by Anna or finding it too hard to get through, you might want to think about when Season 2 will come out.

Rent A Girlfriend season 2: Plotline

A summary of the second season of Rent A Girlfriend has not been announced at this point. But in any case, the first season didn’t change very much from when it followed the manga. It follows the first six volumes rather well. And there are still 190 sections in the manga and 19 books. There is a lot for them to choose from for Season 2’s plotline.

The last episode of Season 1 ended with many exciting things happening. Mami rented Chizuru, and afterwards, she talked to her about Kazuya. Mami found out that Chizuru knew the real secret of Kazuya and her relationship. But Chizuru said that Kazuya was her boyfriend!

She then (at that point) asked if he was ever really her love. He did not react very much. Then Kazuya met Chizuru and said that he needed her to be his girlfriend. But he also said, “rental girlfriend.”

Rent A Girlfriend season 2 will probably show more of what Kazuya, Chizuru, and Mami think. And the people who made the show in the first season will keep asking them questions to find out their real feelings. The following season is going to give us more chances to see what they feel.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2: Cast Detail?

There hasn’t been an authority declaration for the cast of Rent A Girlfriend Season 2. But some voice actors from Season 1 will likely be in Season 2. The show’s producers put up a short video featuring many main voice actors to show how they would sound together. According to Anime News Network, this cast included. The actress Sora Amamiya who voiced the role of Chizuru Mizuhara, Aoi Yūki, is Mami Nanami. Mami is an anime character. She helps people. Nao Tōyama played the part of Ruka Sarashina. Rie Takahashi is an actress. She has acted as Sumi Sakurasawa. This is Kazuya Kinoshita’s son, not his father, and Yukari Nozawa played Kazuya’s grandma, Nagomi Kinoshita.

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It is not said that the creators of “Rent-a-Girlfriend” will change for season 2. The studio might be TMS Entertainment, which is most likely to keep making it. Kazuomi Koga might still be the chief, Mitsutaka Hirota, the content director, Kanna Hirayama, the character creator, and HYADAIN will make music for it.

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2: Release Date?

It didn’t take long for the second season of Rent A Girlfriend to be declared. We know that Crunchyroll, which streams the series, said that a third season could happen by 2020 when the first one ends. But we don’t know when it will come out. But now we do! It will be in 2022, according to Anime News Network.

The anime ‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ is based on the first manga series. All through the 12 episodes, most of it deals with six volumes and five manga sections. There is enough content for two more seasons of this anime because there are 17 distributed volumes in total at this point.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have pushed back the date of the series: As Nikkei Asia reports, Japanese animation studios have significantly been affected by this pandemic, so a 2022 release date sounds like a good idea.

We might see Season 2 of “Rent A Girlfriend” comes out in 2022. Season 1 was released in Japan and the United States at different times, so we might see a similar thing happen again.

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