Tower of God Season 2: Release Date and More Details

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date and More Details (1)

In a dark fantasy world, there is a boy called Bam. He is from the group that lives in the dark cave. When he was young, he looked up at a crack far above, which gets light through. One day, Bam found something, and it turned out to be an older man who tried to escape from The Tower of God. One day, a girl named Rachel came through the crack. She brought news of the world with her. They spent time together, and then she left, but not before saying that she had to climb a tower. If anyone got to the top of that tower, their heart’s desire would come true. Bam went after her and met someone who helped him on his way up the tower.

The anime show is good. It has action sequences, and it develops the characters. Some people want to know when season 2 will come out, so I told them.

Tower of God Season 2: Release Date

‘Tower of God’ season 1 aired on April 2, 2020. It had 13 episodes before it ended on June 25, 2020. It was broadcast in Japan, South Korea, and the US. The series was made by Studio Telecom Animation Film, with Takashi Sano as the prominent director and Erika Yoshida as the head writer. We do not know when ‘Tower of God’ season 2 will be back yet.

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The people who make the anime haven’t said anything about making a second season. But Carter Hahnselle, who works for Crunchyroll and helps with marketing, told us to watch the series and see how Ban is doing in the tower. He can’t tell us anything else. Thank you for watching!

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date and More Details (1)

The first season of ‘Tower of God’ adapted the first 78 chapters of the series. There are about 500 chapters in total. The Blu-ray version was released in 2021, and it did well. So, Season 2 might come out in late 2021 or early 2022.

Tower of God Season 2: Plot

Rachel sees that Bam is doing well in the tower, and she wants to do well too. Headon tells her that he will let her go up the building if she beats Bam in a fight. Rachel gets a bodyguard who can protect her from attacks. Rachel betrays Bam by pushing him into a deep part of the water. But he survives and decides to go back up the tower for answers.

The second season has a time skip. Yuri might see her sister one more time. Wangnan Ja will have a hard time after his teammate sets him on fire. Meanwhile, Bam wants to know why Rachel betrayed him. and he will take the tests too.

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