Tsurezure Children Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Tsurezure Children Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot (1)

The Tsurezure Child TV show, a romantic comedy anime series, was popular in the earlier decade. But it never made a second season. It has been 3 years, and fans are still waiting for it to restart. The cliffhanger ending of the first part makes people more excited about the next one. Will there ever be a Tsurezure Children Season 2? Keep reading to find out!

Tsurezure Children is an anime show. It’s about a romance between two people. There are also hilarious moments where there are other characters that help out the main characters.

Studio Gokumi changed this manga into an anime. It debuted on July 4, 2017. It closed after it had been on TV for 12 episodes in September of that year. It was the last time fans saw this show, and they are waiting for it to come back in the form of Tsurezure Children Season 2.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Plotline

There are many ways to show love. It can be not easy, or it can be easy. This book tells the stories of different people who have found their way to love and how they deal with it.This anime is about seeing how couples can work together when they have differences. It might be like your first time with love and how it differs from when you are in love.

Tsurezure Children Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot (2)

‘Tsurezure Children’ is a flood of feelings. It tells stories that are more than just comfort. For most other shows, it would be easy to find someone who feels this way.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Source Material?

The manga series started in August 2014. It continued until July 2018. In four years, the creator made 12 volumes. Out of these 12 volumes, the main season of the show has only reached page 81. This means that there are seven volumes left for them to make Season 2. If they want, they can also make another season with the leftover pages.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Cast Detail

In Tsurezure Children, there are a lot of characters. Sometimes it is hard to include all of them. We will do our greatest to describe the important ones in this segment. Expect the same characters in Tsurezure Children Season 2.

Masafumi Akagi:- Masafumi Akagi is one of the main heroes in the show. He is the school gathering president and Ryouko Kaji’s beau. He has long blue hair and violet eyes. He is depicted as an upbeat darling who strengthens his sweetheart’s character. Their relationship can be really irritating sometimes, but in general, it makes a great story.

Jun Furuya:- Jun Furuya is a different male hero in the show. He is the class delegate, and he is not like anyone else in the broadcast club. His girlfriend, Yuki Minagawa, often pushes him around and embarrasses him without any problem.

Kazuko Hosokawa:- Kazuko Hosokawa is one of the girls in the show that is known for growing up and showing lots of love. She usually acts a lot around Shinichi. He was a god before, which she knows about. She always wants him to stay with her, even when he tries to leave.

Iijima Kana:- Iijima Kana is a girl in the show who has been friends with Chiaki Uchimura for a long time. They have been lovemaking for some time now, but she is really mean sometimes. She might hit him or yell at him, but that is because she loves him and cares about him a lot.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Release Date

‘Tsurezure Children season 1 finished on September 19, 2017. The original manga has 140 sections, so the anime must cover a lot of it. There might be more episodes of the TV show. The episode that was just released finished the season. There has not been an formal announcement from the company that made it, but we can guess there will be more episodes because they usually make a new season every year, and this one is only two years old.

We think that ‘Tsurezure Children Season 2 will be delivered sometime between 2022 and 2023. You can look through our list of other anime shows. These are also good shows, but not as good as ‘Tsurezure Children.

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