Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Storyline

Deadman Wonderland Season 2. This season starts off where the first one left off, with Ganta battling it out against Houji Kaido. They are fighting for retribution and justice, so tensions are high. I think this season is both entertaining and dramatic. The characters really come through, and you can understand and sympathize with them. It’s a well-made show, and if you loved the first season, this one does not disappoint.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Release Date

This is one of the questions people have been asking. Funimation does not have any information on when a sequel to this show will come out. It might hurt everyone, but it seems like the show has started getting popular on Netflix and other platforms.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Storyline

There are reports that Deadman Wonderland Season 2 may happen. We might hear about it soon. As a fan, we still have higher hopes from the production company in Japan right now. Also, keeping in mind the recent popularity of this show, fans can still expect a lot.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Storyline

Ganta is being released from Deadman Wonderland after his sentence in the prison for the murders he did not commit. He has to deal with the stigma associated with being an ex-convict in society. Ganta is also haunted by what he saw in Deadman Wonderland, his guilt over the death of Shiro, and being framed for his friend’s murder. In order to escape his guilt, Ganta decides to become a Deadman and use the powers he inherited from Shiro to fight for justice. One of the best belongings about this show is that it takes a rather common theme in storytelling, redemption, and adds its own unique twist to it.

Redeeming yourself by getting rid of what makes you an outcast is quite common in anime, but here we get a protagonist who has been redeemed and must deal with all the associated baggage. It’s very humanizing. The show also explores themes such as isolation and discrimination when society learns about your past as an inmate at Deadman Wonderland. For example, there was one episode where an ex-prisoner gets picked up by police because they think he will rob a bank.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Cast Detail

Shiro: Shiro returns as the show progresses further, but her relationship with Ganta has become incredibly complex. The season leaves us hanging at many points because of this relationship between these two characters. It really makes you wonder about their future together! Additional members added to Ganta’s group make Shiro feel like she is betraying her friends. She ends up making some pretty difficult decisions, but I really like how the show has expanded on her character more than the first.

Bloody G: This season introduces us to yet another powerful main character, but one of his powers is different from anything we had seen before in DWC. He develops the power to create doppelgangers which cause many interesting twists and turns of events for our characters! The relationship he has with Shiro also pushes the story forward as it progresses. Many people are afraid of this new powerhouse because they believe if he gets consumed by his anger, he would be nearly unstoppable!

Wretched Egg/Hagire RinichirouHagire returns again and looks incredibly different this time than he did in the first season. We get a better look into his backstory and how it ties to Ganta’s mother. He is definitely more intense and powerful than he ever was before, which makes him someone we do not want to mess with! His new powers make things especially difficult for our characters to try and fight him off, leading them on an exciting adventure!

Chaplin Sukegawa: Sukegawa gets some great development in the second season of Deadman Wonderland. She becomes a powerful character through her interactions with others and even becomes one of my favourites because of her skills later on in the series. I really liked how much she grew as a person and had some fun moments with the rest of the cast. Her relationship with Ganta is different from Shiro’s, but it still causes problems throughout the show.

Hagire Rinichirou: Hagire returns yet again in Deadman Wonderland season 2, and he definitely an intimidating character! He obtained new abilities which make him even more dangerous than ever before! His backstory ties to Ganta’s mother, who experimented on children like him in order to create another Hagire. It’s just one of many mysteries that are revealed about some of our characters during the second season of DWC.

Crow: While there are not too many moments with Crow this season, I really enjoy how he becomes instrumental later in the series. We get to see a small bit of his backstory as well, but it’s just enough to understand why he acts certain ways. I really like his dynamics with Ganta and how they fight together during the last few episodes! It was fun eyesight these two work together once again after all their adventures in the past.

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