The Asterisk War Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast and Plot

The Asterisk War is an anime series. It’s based on a book series. The book was first published in 2012. It was popular whereas it came out, so they made it into a manga too.

The Asterisk War is a series. It was made into an japanese animation television series, and it started on October 3, 2015. The show was on a strike among fans of the original material and new viewers. It has been renewed for a new season. Season 2 of The Asterisk War premiered on April 2, 2016, and since then, fans have been waiting to hear about if there will be another season. Here is everything we know so far about Season 3 prospects.

The Asterisk War Season 3: Release Date

The Asterisk War season 2 premiere on April 2nd, 2016 and ended on June 18th, 2016. But no one distinguish what happened to the show.

The Asterisk War Season 3

Anime shows are not in any danger of being cancelled. There is still time left for the show to be renewed. Also, the light novel series is still being published, so there is no reason for the anime to be cancelled. We think that season 3 of The Asterisk War will be released in 2020 or 2021. We are listening for news, and we will update this when we hear something.

The Asterisk War: English Dub

Crunchyroll has an anime that you can watch on your computer. You can choose to watch it with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The Asterisk War: Plot

The Asterisk War is a series of novels, manga and anime. The story follows the protagonist Yuuya Ouka as he enrols at Tokyo’s Imperial Academy. However, he is denied entrance and instead enters the non-traditional class known as Festa. Here they train students in combat and teamwork skills.

The story follows the protagonist Yuuya Ouka enrolling at Tokyo’s Imperial Academy after graduating from the Japan Junior Military Academy (NJMA). But unlike his friends, he is denied entrance and instead enters the non-traditional class known as “Festa”. Here they train students in combat and teamwork skills. His classmates include those from all backgrounds, such as Mika Akutsu, Kouji Gouda, and Kasumi Mogi.

The Asterisk War is set in a future when Earth has lots of problems. The show starts before the events of Inertia. After the event, humans with powers called Genestella appeared, and there were many changes to power in the world.

In this story, a boy called Ayato Amagiri is attending one of the six best academies for Genestella, which are schools where students fight in tournaments called Festa. Ayato joins the Seidoukan Academy, which is in Asterisk City. The city has five schools. At first, Ayato does well at the academy. But then he sees Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, who he had known since they were little kids, and she challenges him to a duel because she was embarrassed by seeing him see her naked when they were younger. However, the fight was cut short by Claudia Enfield, president of Seidoukan Academy’s student council. Julis and Ayato start with a rocky relationship, but they end up becoming close friends.

The Asterisk War Season 3

The show has a lot of exciting things happen. One is that Ayato finds out about his sister. It turns out she disappeared from this school called Seidoukan Academy. Yet, because Ayato goes to a Genestella Academy, he has to participate in Festas. He starts making so with the assist of Julis. Some people are on the show. They do things, like contests. One is hard, and they lose. People start talking about it. Then they have to think of a plan so that they can win the contest without Ayato’s powers, which were taken away by something bad.

The Asterisk War: Cast Detail

The Asterisk War has many characters. Some are very important to the story. We’ve written about these characters below.

Ayato Amagiri: The main character of the show is Ayato. He goes to a school called Seidoukan Academy to find his sister, who disappeared there. He makes friends with Julis, and they become good friends. They go to a big party together called Phoenix Festa, and he does well in battles there.

Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld: In the show, Julis is a princess from a small country in Europe. She is shown to be a fierce fighter, and she has the rank of 5th best fighter at the Seidoukan Academy. Her dream is to achieve what people call “a Grand Slam”, which means that she wants to win the Phoenix Festa, the Gryps Festa, and the Lindvolus Festa. In this show, Julis becomes Ayato’s teammate for one of these events called The Phoenix Festival. With Ayato as her partner, they form a strong team that many people are able to beat.

Claudia Enfield: Claudia is the second top-ranking fighter at Seidoukan Academy. She is also the president of the student council. Claudia has a lot of influence because she is the daughter of an important person in the Integrated Enterprise Foundation and has been president since middle school. She also knows Julis from when they were little, and she has visited her home country before.

Kirin Toudou: Kirin is the first daughter of the Toudou family. She has been trained in the Toudou fighting style. Kirin was kidnapped when she was a child, but her father killed the robber and set her free. So Kirin’s father became imprisoned. Her uncle then caught care of her and enrolled her at Seidoukan Academy because he wanted to free his brother from prison. When Kirin went to school there, she was one of the best fighters until she lost a match against Ayato.

Saya Sasamiya: Saya, Ayato’s friend, is also a student at the Seidoukan Academy. Saya carries a gun and knows the Amagiri Shinmei style of fighting.

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