Erased Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Erased Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Netflix is a website that has many tv shows and movies. There are different genres of shows, from horror to comedy. Netflix has a show for people of every age. Erased is an anime-based show that now has an adult version. Anime is being shown all around the world, and the number of “weebs” (people who are fans of anime) is also increasing.

Erased Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Erased is one of the top 10 shows in many countries like India, America, European countries, and worldwide. More and more people watched it, and then they wanted to know more. We will be sharing information about the upcoming season on our website as soon as we get it, so keep checking!

Erased Season 2: Plot

Satoru Fujinuma has been able to stop many people from dying by going back in time. Whenever he is about to die, he goes back in time and changes what happens. He went back 18 years ago to save his mom and three classmates who were about to die too.

Satoru is sent back to the past. This time, it was 18 years ago. He thinks that the murder he was wrongfully accused of might be connected to his classmate’s death when he was a child. So, this time you can do better. In the anime, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Satoru tries to figure out what happened in the past and save his friends from being hurt.

Erased Season 2: Release Date?

Some people really like the show. They want to see more, but they have to wait for a while. The first season is 12 episodes long. The second season will be too. It has been a long time since the first season of the show was released. Fans were about to give up until recently when the show’s producers said that it would be back. They even decided on a date for when it will air.

Erased Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

The date of Season Two of Erased has been announced. It is on 10th December 2021. There will be 12 episodes, just like the first season. This is the end of this TV show starring celebrity Yuki Furukawa.

Erased Season 2: Cast Detail?

We have most of the cast members for the second season. In Season One, we see Satoru Fujinuma and Sachiko Fujinuma. We will see them again in the next season. There is also Mio Yuki and Shigeyuki Totsugi. They will be in Season Two of ERASED as well. Although, you might want to check the website of Netflix on YouTube to see if there are any updates. You can catch season one of Erased on Netflix right now, and you will be able to start watching both seasons from 10th December 2021 onwards. I hope you enjoy this amazing show that is on Netflix.

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