Accel World Season 2: When Is It Coming Out?

Accel World Season 2: When Is It Coming Out?

The first season of Accel World started on April 7th, 2012, and finished on September 22nd, 2012. Two special episodes came out in between those dates called Accel World EX. After three years, there was another anime film that had a different story.

Here are some facts about the show. Accel World has a spinoff called Accel World: Accel World, which aired between July 25th, 2012, and February 27th, 2013. The last season came out eight years ago. But even though it has been so long since the last season came out, the possibility of another season cannot be dimmed because shows make their fans wait for five years or more sometimes. So no matter how long we have to wait for a new episode of this show to come out, it is still possible that it will happen one day!

Accel World Season 2: When Is It Coming Out?

Accel World is an anime show. It’s loved by many people who watch it. The show was made from a book that was written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HIMA. Some people are still waiting for the next episode of Accel World, and it has been a while since the first season first aired back in 2012. This old anime succession still has many fans. Let’s look at if Accel World will have a second season. Also, watch if other shows will get new seasons—for example, No Game No Life Season 2 and One Punch Man Season 3.

Accel World: How Many Seasons Does It Have?

A company called Sunrise made the first season of Accel World in 2012. They made 24 episodes of the show and later did two OVA episodes as a bonus. There are two video games with both of the OVAs on them.

Accel World also has a film that came out in 2016 called Endless Burst. The film is the principle but not a direct prolongation of the anime. It is not required to watch before season 2 breaths of air. The film’s first half is a recap of the first season, so you can skip it if you want to watch season 2 instead.

Accel World: Will There Be A Season 2 Of?

There is no formal word on if the Accel World anime will receive a second season. It is nine years old. It looks like the company called Sunrise is done with making new episodes of a TV show called Love Live!. They have been only doing this for a few years.

The author of this book, Reki Kawahara, is focused on his other series. This is why there was only one movie for Accel World and no season 2 for Accel World.

Accel World Season 2: Release Date

There is a low opportunity that there will be a release date for the second season of Accel World. If the second period gets a release date on Twitter, we will let you know. There may be a release date for Accel World season 2 in 2022. It would be the 10th anniversary of the anime series, so it would make sense to announce a release date. Learn about when other anime sequels are coming out. These include Black Bullet Season 2, Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2, or Classroom of The Elite Season 2.

Accel World Season 2: Source Material

The first thing is, enough material is available for the second season of Accel World. There are 25 volumes of the original light series. Out of which, 1-4 and 10th volumes are used in season 1, and the 19th volume is applied in the Accel World: Infinite Burst film. So if there is a second season, it might adapt 5th and after books. At their Japan Expo, USA board Yen Press announced that they have the right to publish the light novels in English.

Accel World Season 2: When Is It Coming Out?

Secondly, Accel World is worth continuing. The anime’s first season seems not to be finished. If the authors add a new curve to the plot, it will be better in future series episodes. Some different storylines exist in anime films and video games from this franchise. We need something more valuable for the anime series to continue on with a second season happening at some point, if possible.

Accel World Season 2: Profits and Popularity

Another way to judge how well an anime is liked is by looking at the ratings. Accel World has an value of 7.28/10 ~ 300,000+ user votes on MyAnimeList. I’m not the best anime, but it’s still good. On IMDb, we can see that people gave it a 7 out of 10. And on Hulu, over 6 thousand people watched the first season, and they gave it a 4 out of 10. So most people liked watching the first season of Accel World!

Accel World: Plot

Haruyuki Arita is a middle schooler who is overweight and bullied. But his life changes when the popular vice president of the student council, Kuroyukihime, tops all of his high scores online. She invites him to the student lounge. She tells him about a game that speeds up your brain waves. You can play it on your phone and also fight other people who are playing the same game. If you miss all of your spikes, you will not be able to play anymore. Kuroyukihime tells Haruyuki that she wants to meet the creator of Brain Burst, but it is hard. To do so, she must overcome the Six Kings of Pure Color and reach level 10.

Accel World: Finished?

In 2022, if there is no new season, then the Accel World anime is finished. But the light novel of Accel World is not over yet. The author’s name is Kawahara Reki (SAO). The latest book was published on September 10th in 2020. This season of Accel World is going to continue from where the last one left off. The story will be about meeting the creator of the game.

But it will probably never happen. If you want to see what happens next, read the light novels. You can start with Accel World light novel volume 5 since the anime covered volumes 1 to 4 and 10.

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