Horimiya Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Plot

Horimiya Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Plot

Horimiya is a sweet anime about two teens. They have opposing personalities, but they get along well. It has 13 episodes and is based on a manga that was written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi under the name Hero. The manga was originally released online in 2007 and the author is called Daisuke Hagiwara. The series is published by Monthly GFantasy.Mostly Anime is based on the manga series. The first season of “Horimiya” has 13 episodes, which means that it had the same amount of chapters as the original manga series “Hero.”

Horimiya Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Plot

The first season of a show ends when the couple who is still together graduates. So, it looks like there will no second season for “Horimiya.”

This is a series about Kyouko Hori. She does well in local school and has friends but she also has a secret. And Miyamura is her friend. He does not have any friends, but he hides this because he wants more friends. After they met, they became friends. They shared their secrets with each other. They found out new things about themselves. This made them want to be more than just friends and that led to something more romantic happening between them.

In April, the first season of “Horimiya” ended. Many people want to know if there will be a second season that starts where the first one left off. We looked for information about a future season and found this:

At the end of the first season, we saw her friends graduate. Now people are speculative if there will be a second season that starts where it left off.

Horimiya Season 2: Release Date Update

Many anime are based on books, and “Horimiya” is one of them. There are 13 episodes that covered the story arc of the original manga, which has 122 chapters. The season ends with a graduation and everyone is happy. This means that the next season will probably not happen. There are no people who have said that they want to make a new season of this show.

However, “Horimiya” only has 13 episodes. It may not have told you everything that happened in the manga. Some parts of this anime were shown in a slideshow at the end. This leaves the story unfinished. There may be more episodes like this coming soon, but we cannot know for sure yet. We must wait and see if there are any more episodes coming soon.

Horimiya Season 2: Casting Detail?

Till now, the creators of the show have not figured out anything about the new season. But some people who watch it can predict that the voice cast from before will come back in season two of the show.

HarukaTomatsu gives voice to Kyouko Hori

Kouki Uchiyama gives voice to Izumi Miyamura

YurieKozakai gives voice to Yuki Yoshikawa,

Reina Kondou gives voice to Sakura Kouno, 

Momo Asakura gives voice to Honoka Sawada,

Jun Fukuyama gives voice to ShuuIura,

Seiichirou Yamashita gives voice to Toru Ishikawa,

Mao Ichimichi gives voice to Remi Ayasaki.

Apart from these four people, there are other famous people who can be in the voice cast for the series. But we don’t know what people will be on the second season, so we can’t say who is on it yet.

Horimiya Season 2: Storyline

We don’t know what the plot of the next season of “Horimiya” could be. It might be about something else because there are not any more chapters in the manga. The show skipped over some chapters in the manga for its screen adaptation. A second season or maybe some OVA episodes could cover what was previously skipped over. The story that focused on Hori-san’s brother, for example, or a spin-off following another character would work as well.

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