Black Summoner Anime Release Date in July 2022 Confirmed

Black Summoner Anime Release Date in July 2022 Confirmed

The Japanese term for Black Summoner is Kuro no Shkanshi. Mayoi Doufu is the author of the original series of light novels. It was released online in October 2014, while the illustrated version of the novel came out in June 2016. We’ll cover Black Summoner Anime in this article.

This novel will have fifteen volumes published by August 2021. Satelight, a Japanese Anime Studio, announced in February 2022 that the novel “Black Summoner” will be made into an anime television series.

At AnimeJapan 2022, Black Summoner Anime announced that it would begin airing in Japan on Tokyo MX on July 9. A teaser video accompanied this news on the company’s YouTube channel. A full PV was released in April, and fans expect the series to be released episode-by-episode, as was the case with the first episode.

In Black Summoner, what is the Isekai Genre?

Newcomers to anime and those unfamiliar with the isekai subgenre may wonder if they can follow along with Black Summoner without first watching other isekai productions in the series’ history.

The term “isekai” alludes to stories in which the main character is transported to a strange new realm. As a result, Kuro no Shkanshi is a fantastic choice for individuals who wish to learn about this genre without knowing anything about MMORPGs.

The Plot and Cast of Black Summoner

Black Summoner, also known as Kuro no Shkanshi, is a beloved manga that many consider among the best in recent memory. It was only available in Japanese for a lengthy period before it was released in English. After nearly four years since the release of its first book, the English translations will be released one by one starting in September 2020.

The protagonist of Black Summoner Anime, Kelvin, has no recollection of his previous existence. He opens his eyes to a new world that is both weird and mysterious at the same time, without any knowledge of his own identity. Throughout his adventure, Kelvin learns how he gave up his memories in order to acquire the incredible new powers he currently has.

During his most recent reincarnation, he went through all of this. Now that Kelvin has become a Summoner, he has a new first follower: the Goddess who brought him there. He embarks on a new adventure-filled life and discovers he is a fight junkie. From the Black Knight of an Ancient Castle of Evil Spirits to the Demon within the Hidden Cave of the Sage, he continues to face tremendous opponents in his quest for victory.

An epic tale of Kelvin and his comrades who made their way into the annals of history is being told here. Is he ever going to be able to go back in time? Or will he be forced to give up his superpowers? The novel is available now, or you can wait till the anime adaptation of Black Summoner is released.

Efil, Kouki Uchiyama as Kelvin, Konomi Inagaki as Ange, Randhi, Yousuke Akamoto as Gerard, Reina Ueda, Yume Miyamoto as Rion, Minori Suzuki as Sera, and many other minor characters have been announced by the production.

Release Date & Streaming Sites for Black Summoner

On July 9, Japan’s Tokyo MX will air Black Summoner Anime. Crunchyroll is another place to catch up on the show. The 9th volume of the Black Summoner light novel is being published in English at the same time as the animated version’s release.

If you’re looking for another anime with a similar premise, try “My Isekai Life,” in which the protagonist recruits partners to help him on his quests.

AnimeJapan 2022 will feature the Kuro no Shkanshi cast.

The Black Summoner anime cast had a terrific time at the convention. Because of all the new anime series being revealed, this show’s characters could stand out and show their companionship through the charades they did. For the sake of the anime and its audience, fans hope that this real-life chemistry will benefit both the cast and the public and that they will enjoy watching the show.

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