BTS member Jungkook in Serious Condition after testing COVID-19 Positive

BTS member Jungkook in Serious Condition after testing COVID-19 Positive

BTS’s Jungkook has tested positive for COVID just a few days before the Grammys in 2022. It is said that Jeon Jung-kook, better known by his stage name Jungkook, felt some ‘little uneasiness in his neck.’ J-trust, another member of BTS, tested positive for Covid-19 only last week. April 3, 2022, is the date set for BTS Group’s Grammys 2022 performance in New York City. After arriving in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, Jungkook “had a small difficulty in his throat,” according to BigHit Music, despite his PCR test coming back negative. When he went to the lab that day, his “immediate” tests included an ultra-quick sub-atomic and a regular quantitative test.

Jung Kook has been quarantined and treated following U.S. health officials’ recommendations,” according to an official statement. While he does have a little sore throat, he has no additional symptoms, and we will carefully monitor his health throughout the quarantine.” According to U.S. health authorities, Jung Kook has been quarantined and treated for the time being by self-quarantine and treatment. We’ll keep a close eye on his health during quarantine and make sure he doesn’t show any signs of illness.

Since December, seven members of BTS have tested positive for Covid, with Jungkook being the final one. According to a statement from BigHit last week, the organization is “successfully in communication with the [Grammy] grants coordinator” about Jungkook’s investment in BTS’s execution.” For example, his investment in the two-end week April show series in Las Vegas was “not set in stone by the neighborhood standards on Covid-19” when he invested in other BTS events in the United States. As reported by Big Music, BTS member J-Hope had tested positive for the Covid drug and was currently self-isolating with “just a sore throat” as his only symptoms. BigHit Music promised that it will “continue to assist the requests and rules of medical care specialists fully.”

The band’s youngest member, Jungkook, had previously boasted of having super antibodies.’ The Super Antibody, I believe, is me.” Some people do not become infected… At the time, he added, “I suppose I’m the supreme counteracting agent because I haven’t been validated.”

Fans and devotees have been hoping for Jungkook’s quick recovery as they await the band’s performance at the honor service night. Rumors claim that the official talks with the honors coordinator about Jungkook’s support for the ‘later schedule in the United States not set in stone by the neighborhood rules on Covid-19.’ The Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, are one of K-most Pop’s popular acts. Suga, R.M., and Jin of BTS have tried COVID-19 positive in 2021. V, another group member, was diagnosed with the virus in January 2022.

Covid-19 rules in the U.S. will influence whether or not BTS members Jungkook and Suga will be able to perform at the Grammy Awards, which may upset some fans, but they are still praying for his recovery. Junkook has been updating his fans on his health, and he stated that he is acceptable in his most recent video. Everyone here hopes for a speedy recovery for him.

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