Biden Travels To Missouri To Highlight U.S. Infrastructure Law

Biden Travels To Missouri To Highlight U.S. Infrastructure Law

WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (CSU) – The president of the United States, Joe Biden, will come to Kansas City on Wednesday. He wants to talk about investing $1 trillion in infrastructure.

Biden will visit the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. The law invests in roads, bridges, and public transportation. It passed Congress last month with support from Republicans and Democrats.
Jen Psaki said the president’s trip to Cuba was meant to show that democracy can make real progress and get things done.

A bipartisan win on infrastructure does not seem to be keeping people happy. People are worried about the COVID-19 virus and inflation. The White House is excited about the bill because it will help them win the mid-term elections. They are trying to show everyone that Joe Biden has done a lot of good things, but they have to do this before November.

The White House website,, will tell you about the law and why it is good for America. The new motto is “Building a Better America.” Joe Biden is trying to pass a bill that helps people who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy. It will help with money and climate change.

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