The White House Has Refused to Comment on Whether Joe Biden ‘broke Wind’ in Front of Camilla

We have all had this feeling. It is when you are standing in a serious situation and your stomach gurgles before making any noise. If you are trying to suppress it, it can be hard to concentrate on what you are doing. Sometimes the gurgling happens again before you can get away from the problem, or cough to cover up any noise that might happen from your behind.

But, people said that Joe Biden did not plan for this situation. People heard him make a sound when he talked with Camilla at COP26.

A source said that the noise was loud and long and that Camilla has been talking about it since.

There was an event with Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson had a nap at the climate conference.

Vice president Biden said that he would redirect more of America’s resources to fighting climate change, even though he is accused of adding more gas to the atmosphere.

Trump took the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Joe Biden said sorry right away and then joined again a few hours later.

Earlier this year, John said that Joe Biden is a big breath of fresh air. But Camilla may not agree.

According to Politics for All, the White House has not confirmed or denied the incident.

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