Stranger Things 4 Teaser Calls Back to Mike and Eleven’s Early Days

Stranger Things 4 Teaser Calls Back to Mike and Eleven's Early Days (1)

Stranger Things is a show with lots of great things. It has fun ’80s memories, it has a story, and it has monsters. But what makes Stranger Things different from other shows is that the series is so character-driven. The heart of this sentiment comes from the relationship between Mike and Eleven. They have been through some difficult times together. And in this recent trailer, they mention one of these hard times.

Netflix has released teasers for Stranger Things 4. These teasers show things that are happening in the new season. The first teaser shows Hopper is alive. The second teaser features Dr. Brenner and his Rainbow Room. In “The Creel House,” a new setting for Season 4 is introduced. Eleven, Mike, and the Byers are not in this episode. But on Stranger Things Day, a new teaser was released that told us that they will be in the next season, which will be out in summer 2022.

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In the teaser, a new show starts, and it is about their lives. Hopper dies, and they live in a different place now. Will and Eleven go to school at the start of break.

It is day 185, and Eleven is writing to Mike. She talks about her new life in California with her friends and how she has finally adapted. The one thing she tells the truth about is that she is looking forward to his visit. That means he was not absent from the other trailers because there will be a lot of exciting things happening when he arrives in California.

It has been 185 days since Eleven and Mike have been apart. They had counted the days many times before, too, like when Eleven fought the Demogorgon and disappeared. That lasted until Season 2. In Season 2, they finally reunited after one year of being apart.

Mike and Eleven were apart for so long, and in the latest Stranger Things teaser, they are doing the same thing. This means that their move to California has been hard on both of them. But at least there will be an end to this counting soon! Who knows what might happen during Season 4?

This sentence is about a TV show. A new season for this show will be on Netflix in 2022.

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