Georgia Defeats Florida in Annual Moot Court Contest

Georgia Defeats Florida in Annual Moot Court Contest (1)

The University of Georgia won the competition against Florida-Georgia on October 29th. The day before, they also beat the Gators in football.

Law students Olivia Landrum and Roya Naghepour went to court with the law school Dean Bo Rutledge. They took home the Hulsey-Gambrell Trophy.

University of Florida law students Jillian Carver and Kyle Forges competed with Dean Laura Rosenbury. The students argued to a group of judges.

This year the panel for law school students in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama was made up of three judges. One is from the 11th Circuit Court(Susan Black), one is from the Middle District of Florida(Brian Davis), and one is from the Southern District of Georgia (Lisa Godbey Wood and Stan Baker).

In Moriarty v. Culverton, a criminal case with a guilty verdict challenged in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the thirteen Circuit, the teams argued about it. It is always a pleasure to be part of this. We are joyful that we were able to do it in person because of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

The boss said, “You all did a good job. All of us were impressed with the level of advocacy.”

University of Georgia is in the guide with 25 wins. There are two ties. Law firms Smith Hulsey & Busey in Jacksonville and Smith Gambrell & Russell, based in Atlanta, sponsor the annual event. The event is held the day before a football game.
This is an award for the late Mark Hulsey. He was a partner with Smith Hulsey & Busey. And this one is for the late E—Smythe Gambrell, who was also a founding partner of Smith Gambrell.

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