The Legislature Must Fix the Unemployment Problem Once and For All

The Legislature Must Fix the Unemployment Problem Once and For All.

Florida’s unemployment system has a bad track record. Workers who are unemployed can’t get benefits from this system. Critics say that the system is designed to fail.

The jobless claims system in Florida has been very hard to use recently because of the virus. It was difficult to see if anyone could get help. There were many problems with the system, like computer crashes and password resets.

The state’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) took some steps because the system was hard to work with. But this still caused problems. It is frustrating and burdensome.

Recently, the government’s system had a problem. This made some people worry about their unemployment benefits. When people got notices, they didn’t know how much they owed or why.

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Recently, a letter was published to Gov. Ron DeSantis by Citrus County restaurant owner Stephen D. Ervin. The letter said that Florida’s unemployment system is failing the unemployed as well as employers who are struggling with labor shortages in our county and state.

There is a problem with the state’s unemployment system. Ervin has a business that is hurting because of the pandemic. It is harder to find people who want to work, even though there are jobs for them.

People who are unemployed and receiving benefits from the government have to send out five job applications each week, but there is no check by the DEO to make sure they are doing this.

Ervin said that there is also a lack of workers. This is because of things like people not having places to work and competition for jobs. But Ervin thinks that the DEO does not verify if people are looking for work or not.

Ervin said that there are loopholes because the DOE doesn’t verify things. The Governor, DOE officials, and state lawmakers should take this seriously.

Florida has a bad unemployment system. The upcoming regular legislative session is a chance to fix it.

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