Law States That a Tax Refund Can Be Up to $20m From Too Much Revenue

Law States That a Tax Refund Can Be Up to $20m From Too Much Revenue (1)

The law says that the Bureau of Budget Management can’t spend money without a warrant. Speaker Therese Terlaje wants the Attorney General and the Public Auditor to make sure that they follow this rule.

Governor Terlaje is asking the OPA and AG to look at how the province spends money. If they do not spend it wisely, he wants them held accountable.

The speaker was talking about the September CRER report. This report shows that BBMR earned $62 million more than it did last year. The budget law says that they should take out $20 million for tax refunds. That would leave $40 million, but if you do not pay the tax refunds, you will not get fined, and it is more money in your pocket.

Law States That a Tax Refund Can Be Up to $20m From Too Much Revenue (1)

“That disturbs me a lot,” she said. “It is another thing I will not do.”

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The speaker asked BBMR about it. She told the speaker that it was a suggested budgetary adjustment and the administration’s fiscal team decided not to change the CRER.

“I am asking you to agree. It is actually a law that was passed by the legislature, and it was signed by the governor. It’s not just my opinion; it’s a law.” Terlaje said, “It is a mandate of the law. It is in the statute, and it is in the amendment to our budget for FY21. It is also a mandate.” The amendment to our budget forces us to report these revenues and expenditures. If we don’t, we will be disobeying more than just one law; we will be disobeying many laws.

The speaker has written to the Office of the Attorney General and Guam Office of Public Accountability because Terlaje says no accountability.

She said, “If they’re going to pick and choose that this line is a suggestion, this one is a mandate, this is jungle rooms government.”

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