Great Pretender Season 3: What Is the Status?

Great Pretender Season 3

After watching two seasons of Great Pretender, fans want to see another season. The open-ended ending of the second season of this anime made people think about what will happen next. What is the third instalment going to be? The studio might give the green light soon. Here is what you need to know.

This is an action-comedy series that was written by Ryota Kurosawa and directed by Hiro Kaburagi. The show was animated by Wit Studio, the same studio that did the other shows. The anime started in June 2020, and then the second season came three months later, on September 21, 2021. The second season only had eight episodes. Fans want to see more because they really liked it.

Great Pretender Season 3: Renewal Status!

There were only three months between the second and third seasons of the anime. Fans thought that the third instalment would come out in a few months. But it did not happen. It has been further than half a year, and the show Great Pretender hasn’t come back on TV yet. Some websites say that it is finished, meaning that the show won’t be on TV again.

Great Pretender Season 3

The second season of the show had an open-ended ending. Plus, no one at the production company has said anything about it. But people are watching this show, and they like it a lot, so we should be expecting to see a third season soon. This anime is popular. It’s ranked at #413 in popularity and #199 overall on MyAnimeList. Netflix should give it another season because of the numbers from MyAnimeList.

Hiro Kaburagi Shows Interest In The Third Season

The director of this anime, Hiro Kaburagi, is interested in directing the next season. He recently had an interview with Anime News Network about Great Pretender Season 3. As a staff member of GP, I was surprised when I saw how much love GP has been getting. Besides, I am thankful for people’s support. Hiro teased that if the situation is right, he wants to find a better anime series for fans. But if the fans want a sequel to Great Pretender, they must tell their friends on Netflix to watch it.

Great Pretender Season 3: Plot?

The story of the third season of the show can go in different directions. The final episode showed that there could be a bigger heist and that there could also be some drama with the characters. Eddie Cassano became the new President of the US. Laurent became one of his bodyguards. Great Pretender Season 3 will do something even bigger than what they did last time. They are going to try and take the president of the United States. The viewers learned that Dorothy is still alive. The third season might feature a reunion between Dorothy and Laurent.

The second season of this anime only had 8 episodes.

This was an intentional decision to keep the second season short. The first season had 12 circumstances, and the second season had 8 episodes. The directors planned the series this way so that they can complete everything in less than 24 episodes. They only want to make one more season. They don’t want to drag it out and have it be super long.

Great Pretender Season 3

The plot is about a boy, Tsutsui Daiya, who runs into trouble with gangs in his town. His family moves to Tokyo so he can stay safe, but there are still gang problems in Tokyo as well. He decides that he’s going to become a mafia boss in order to clean up the bad elements in both towns.

Great Pretender Season 3: Release Date

Many people are awaiting for the next season of this anime. There’s a good chance that Netflix will announce when it will come out this year. If they try again, then the fans might see the next season of Great Pretender in 2022. We will modernize this section when that happens.

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