Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Cancelled Or Not?

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Cancelled Or Not?

For years and years, supporters of the popular anime Tokyo Ravens have been waiting for Season 2. The studio Studio Eight Bit has not given them the green light, though. Does this mean that the sequel will never happen?

Some people are trying hard to convince them with many online petitions and social media posts, but it doesn’t seem like they will change their minds soon.

Tokyo Ravens is a book series written by Kōhei Azano and illustrated by Sumihei. Tokyo Ravens started being published in 2010 and had 16 volumes as of October 2018. The author has not been writing more books since Volume 16, but people are still hopeful that he will finish it. Even though the popularity of the book series was falling towards the end, many readers were still waiting for him to keep writing books about it.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Cancelled Or Not?

In 2013, the LN became popular adequate to be picked up for an anime adaptation. Studio Eight Bit reported the television show, which later aired in Japan between October 2013 and March 2014. At the same time, Funimation distributed the English version of the series around the globe. Within no time of its release, Tokyo Ravens became a hit as audiences liked its storyline. The critical response was also good, while viewership increased after its worldwide release. As of today, fans are quite waiting for a sequel from this series.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Fans have been asking to renew Tokyo Ravens Season 2 for the last six or seven years. They are asking on social media and signing petitions too. But the studio has not said anything yet. Maybe it’s because of the book, which is why they have resisted talking about it so far.

Anime adaptations are based on their source material. This is what they depend on for renewal. The more the show has to work with, the better it is. Some never show even get to a second season because of this. They only promote the original series and don’t run without it anymore. Moreover, their main origin of income is from selling manga, light novels, or video games. Tokyo Ravens’ sales decreased towards the end. Eight Bit might not make a profit if they do a sequel.

Thus, in that point of view, the workshop might not pick up Tokyo Ravens Season 2 whenever soon. However, as per the present trend, several such anime succession has been picked up by Netflix. Streaming services help shows reach more people, and they don’t depend on the original material as much. So if Eight Bit only wants to make a sequel, the streaming service needs to be interested in their show. Until then, we can only expect an official renewal.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Update

Some people can make a show happen. Fans can tell producers what they want, and if enough people are interested in watching a show, it can happen. If fans demand the renewal of Tokyo Ravens Season 2, then the producers might listen to them.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Source Material?

Anime adaptations depend on their original content. If they don’t have enough, it’s hard for them to keep going. Many anime have been cancelled because there isn’t enough manga or books for the adaptation. Sometimes, the sequel will get an original story if it is a rare anime. There are not many Tokyo Ravens volumes, so it would be hard for Season 2 to continue.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Cancelled Or Not?

Kōhei Azano wrote the Tokyo Ravens series of light novels. After 12 volumes, people stopped reading them. He didn’t write any new books after Volume 16 back in October 2018. The first season of Studio Eight Bit’s anime covered the plot of the first nine books. That means that Season 2 only has seven books to make into an anime. Seven is not a lot, but it means that if they do 12 episodes instead of 24, there will be enough source material for a sequel!

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Plot

The story of Tokyo Ravens is about a boy named Harutora. He is part of the Tsuchimikado family, but he does not have any special powers. His life has no meaning, and he spends his time with his friends at the Onmyo branch school. One day, Natsume appears and changes everything for Harutora forever!

The last episode of Tokyo Charcoals was a roller-coaster ride for many viewers. The show did not complete the story. So the sequel will probably start from Volume 10 of the LN series and adapt the remaining seven volumes. However, this also means that Tokyo Ravens Season 2 will be its last season ever.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Release Date

There is no news about season 2 of Studio Eight Bit or any other studio related to the anime production. But it might come earlier than we think. It will take less than a year to finish if it does, and the new episodes might not air until 2022 or later. We will update this item when there are more details about when season 2 is coming out.

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