Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast And Plot

Kamisama Kiss Season 3

Kamisama Kiss is a manga series that people like. They want to know what will happen in the next series.

‘Kamisama Kiss’ either ‘Kamisama Hajimemashita’ is a Japanese manga show written and illustrated by Julietta Suzuki. TMS Entertainment produced an associate in the nursing anime adaptation of the show, and Akitaro Daichi directed it. This show is popular. Funimation streams it. The second season of the display was announced, and it came out in January 2015. What about a third season? Here is everything we know about it.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Premiere Date?

The show started in October 2012 and the second season premiered in Japan on January 6, 2015. The show will continue until March 31, 2015. This show has not been renewed for a third season yet. But fans need to keep hope. It is sometimes possible that anime shows are renewed many years later.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: English Dubbed?

There is a lot of population who want to watch Japanese Anime shows in English. People can find them on Funimation and Anime-Planet.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Plot?

The story of the anime follows a girl named Nanami. One day, her father has to leave the house because he lost all their money on gambling. Some people come and take things from Nanami. They are called debt collectors. Nanami doesn’t know what to do, so she hides and then she lives on the street. One day, Nanami sees a man being chased by a dog. She helps the man. Later, she learns that the man’s name is Mikage, and he is an Earth deity. When Nanami tells him her story, he transfers his celestial powers to Nanami. Now she has to balance her new life with her regular one.

The plot of Kamisama Kiss turns around a girl called Nanami Momozono. Nanami wants to take a path less trodden, but she can’t because of the circumstances. Nanami’s father was a gambler. Nanami had a hard life because of this. When Nanami is in high school, her father causes them to have a lot of debt. They have no money, so Nanami cannot pay rent at the house she was living in and gets kicked out.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3

Nanami was homeless, and she had debt collectors coming after her. She was walking around, but then she sat on a bench in a park to think. This changed her life. Nanami is sitting at the park when she sees a man hanging from a tree. A dog is chasing him. Nanami helps the guy come down from the tree and chases the dog away. The two of them start talking, and Nanami tells him her life story, which is sad because she has no home. Mikage decides to give her his house since she saved him from the dog, and despite not wanting it at first, Nanami agrees to live there since she has nowhere else to go.

When Nanami arrives at the man’s home, she is surprised that it is a shrine. At the shrine, Nanami meets Onikiri and Kotetsu. They take care of the shrine together with Tomoe. Tomoe is Mikage’s familiar, and he tells her about Mikage. He was actually the Earth deity of the shrine, and he transferred his power to Nanami when she saved him from a dog in a park.

Nanami is not happy at first to live with Tomoe, Onikiri and Kotetsu. They are the Earth deities. But she starts to like her new home and she works hard so that she can be a good Earth deity. Nanami and Tomoe walk the path of godhood together. They face a lot of challenges. Nanami falls in love with Tomoe, but he does not like her back because it is forbidden for humans to love familiars. Nanami rejected Tomoe; but he also fell in love with Nanami, so you will see how they become friends instead of enemies over time.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Any Spoiler?

No spoilers are available for the third season of this show because the show hasn’t been renewed. 

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Trailer?

The show became invisible renewed for a third season yet. We can’t tell you whatever about the series, but bookmark this page because we will update it with any new information. 

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Cast Detail

Kamisama Kiss also has a lot of characters. But we will talk about the main ones. Could you read below to know more about them?

Nanami Momozono: Nanami has a hard life. She was poor, and people made fun of her. Her dad had a problem with gambling, and Nanami couldn’t pay rent. One day, she saved a man from a dog when she was on the street. She soon learns that Mikage is the local Earth deity, and his powers have been transferred to her. Nanami was made to be the new Earth deity. She had to adapt to this new responsibility, and she got used to it, like how she learned how to do her school work. In the later part of the show, Nanami falls in love with Tomoe, but he does not like her back because it is taboo for humans and demons to be together. Nanami starts with no spiritual power, but as she grows and becomes a powerful Earth deity.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3

Tomoe: A fox spirit, Tomoe is the familiar of a former Earth god. When Tomoe learns that Mikage has transferred his powers to Nanami, he reluctantly agrees to become her familiar. Tomoe is not happy with Nanami being named the new Earth deity. But, over time, he starts to like her more and worry about her a lot. Later, Tomoe falls in love with Nanami. This is even though she doesn’t want to at first. Tomoe has shown he is mighty. He can make other familiars stop. Tomoe often threatens people who speak badly about Nanami or threaten to hurt her.

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