Mid-Year Violent Crimes in San Diego County Highest in 10 Years: Report

Mid-Year Violent Crimes in San Diego County Highest in 10 Years Report

Highest mid-year violent crime rate in San Diego County in ten years, according to a report

NEW YORK — According to a recent study, San Diego County experienced its highest mid-year violent crime rates in ten years in 2022.

The Criminal Justice Research Division of the San Diego Association of Governments announced the first half of this year’s crime data on Thursday.

According to the SANDAG data, robberies climbed by 15% while reported killings increased by 4% compared to 2021. Arguments were the primary cause of homicide in 63% of incidents, while firearms were used in 16% of robberies.

Authorities received fewer reports of rapes and severe assaults in the first half of 2022, according to officials. In contrast, 15% of aggravated assault cases involved the use of a firearm, making aggravated assaults the second most common type of attack recorded to law enforcement in any given year.

According to Dr. Cynthia Burke, Senior Director of Data Science at SANDAG, “While these mid-year crime data are still very low compared to previous highs, we are finding significant rises that the community should be aware of.” We are aware that only roughly 2 out of 5 violent offences and 1 out of 3 property crimes are reported to the police. ‘

Between January and June 2022, a total of 26,448 property offences were reported, or 146 a week on average, according to the study. In fact, this is 2% less in the first half of 2022 than it was in the same period in 2021.

Burke stated, “The cost of victimisation is more than financial, and it is crucial that we all work together as our communities face a lot of different difficulties arising from the epidemic, which has affected us all in several ways.

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