Crime on the rise in Montgomery County

Crime on the rise in Montgomery County

There has been an uptick in criminal activity in Montgomery County.

BETHESDA, Md. (Csu) – There has been an uptick in criminal activity in Montgomery County.

According to the most recent report that was presented to the public safety committee of the county, several categories of criminal activity witnessed significant increases in comparison to the previous year.

Assaults, robberies, and sexual offences are all on the rise, according to the authorities, and this year has seen a notable increase of 13.4% in the rate of violent crime thus far.

However, homicides are currently 36% lower than they were in 2021, despite the fact that gun violence continues to be a significant issue.

The county of Montgomery is making an effort to curb the spike in teen violence.

“A total of 918 firearms were collected by the police department from the beginning of this year until September 15 of this year, which is one of the more alarming pieces of information that was uncovered. And 148 of those guns turned out to be fakes. That’s more than twice as many ghost firearms as were found in the year 2021, and they were all seized “said Gabe Albornoz, who serves as president of the Montgomery County Council. “Every one of us needs to have our guard up, and if we see something, we need to speak up and let the authorities know about it,”

In addition to this, Albornoz discussed the efforts being made to resolve personnel difficulties at the Montgomery County Police Department. He brought up the idea of raising the salary for cops as well as passing legislation that would grant tax credits to first responders.

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