New Committee to Tackle Violent Crime May Be Coming to Shelby County

New Committee to Tackle Violent Crime May Be Coming to Shelby County

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — In order to address the issue of violent crime in Shelby County, a brand new committee is now being formed.

The notion was sponsored by Commissioner Mick Wright, who stated that he wanted to take action in response to the killing of Eliza Fletcher and the shooting spree that occurred earlier this month.

“It is very clear that Memphis has been enduring a string of truly bad weeks. According to Wright, “We have been in the national news because of some of the terrible incidents that have occurred in our community.” “It was time for the County Commission to take some initiative and stand up to the plate as leaders.”

Wright has stated that the purpose of the task force ad hoc group that he intends to establish is to involve commissioners in the decision-making process and to facilitate the sharing of resources among numerous agencies, such as the office of the district attorney and the sheriff’s department.

“The county commission needs a method to look at all of those branches, all of those critical partners and divisions and bring them all into one platform,” said Wright. “The county commission needs a way to look at all of those branches.”

He stated that escalating crime rates over the past few years have spread over and beyond the City of Memphis, prompting many to wonder whether any section of Shelby County is safe to live in. For instance, according to the investigators, Joe Wilhite killed his fiancée in Memphis a week ago, and then on Thursday he was involved in a barricade scenario in Cordova, which concluded with him taking his own life there.

Wright stated that the past few years had been filled with a lot of violent acts. “There is no way to stop the bloodshed at this point.”

He has high hopes that the committee would make it possible for local officials to provide a more effective response to violent crimes and to draught legislation that will help prevent such crimes in the future.

“Where are the holes that we now have? “What exactly needs to take precedence?” he asked. This opens the door for us to take a preventative rather than a reactive approach to the problem at hand.

During the meeting of the County Commission that took place earlier this week, Chairman Mickell Lowery said that he would establish the committee, and it will hold ad hoc meetings in the future.

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