Surprise, Surprise: NBC Wins Another Season in TV Ratings

Surprise, Surprise NBC Wins Another Season in TV Ratings

If you’ve typed this previously, just copy it and paste: Nielsen reports that NBC has won the 52-week TV season in terms of ratings among adults 18-49, the audience group that marketers prize the most. It is NBC’s second straight triumph of this kind, giving them an incredible eight victories in the last nine years. (NBC finished second in the 2019–20 season behind Fox.)

In the 18-49 demographic, NBC averaged a 0.9 primetime rating, outperforming Fox’s 0.8. Both CBS and ABC scored 0.7s. (NBC came in first among adults 25-54 and 18-34 as well.)

NBC came in second overall in terms of viewers. NBC averaged 5.2 million viewers, compared to 5.3 million for CBS, while Fox averaged 3.7 million and ABC 3.9 million viewers each night. In the last 12 out of 15 September-to-September seasons, CBS has triumphed in total viewers; NBC had the Olympics in each of the three seasons in which CBS lagged behind.

For the eleventh consecutive season, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” was the most popular broadcast programme overall. The conclusion of “This Is Us,” the year’s highest-rated broadcast entertainment series, was another triumph for the network. Second place went to “Saturday Night Live.” The network’s newbie “La Brea” and its potent “One Chicago” lineup were among the other attractions.

The television season is typically measured by Nielsen to extend from September through May. Reruns were often only broadcast throughout the summer. There are even popular summer shows, like NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” but this isn’t nearly the case anymore. Instead, June, July, and August are now a mix of encores and original programming. The definition of the “season,” which varies across networks, largely depends on what works best for each one of them. NBC concentrates on the entire 12-month calendar with “AGT” and the Summer Olympics every four years.

Frances Berwick, chairman of entertainment networks at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, stated in a news statement on Monday that “NBC remains best in class in broadcast as well as being a crucial foundation of our varied portfolio.” In the ever-expanding television environment, NBC continues to lead the pack across all programming categories as we start a new season and look to the future.

According to Susan Rovner, vice president of entertainment content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, “NBC’s lineup has always had a strong and emotional connection with viewers.” “We’re tremendously happy of this #1 position, which is a credit to the hard work of the producers, actors, and everyone who works extraordinarily hard to deliver outstanding content for our devoted fans all year long.

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