Rick And Morty Season 6 Keeps Calling Back To This Jerry Side Story From Season 2

Rick And Morty Season 6 Keeps Calling Back To This Jerry Side Story From Season 2

This Jerry side story from season 2 is referenced many times during Rick and Morty season 6, which is now airing.

The connection that “Rick and Morty” has with its expanding canon is one that continues to be difficult in its most recent iteration. The fact that it makes any attempt at all to expand upon already established canon is, on the one hand, what sets it apart from the vast majority of episodic cartoons and comedies. On the other side, some viewers have voiced their disappointment that the show “Rick and Morty” does not appear to be advancing its ongoing storyline nearly enough. In point of fact, showrunner Scott Marder addressed this issue before to the start of Season 6, saying that it will bring the show’s overarching stories to the forefront of the narrative on a far more frequent basis than in previous seasons. Having said that, there are fans who believe that the criticisms regarding the canon of “Rick and Morty” are exaggerated.

After only a few episodes of the sixth season of “Rick and Morty,” it already seems as though the show is making connections to previous plots while still adhering to its dedication to episodic storytelling. The first episode of the new season, for instance, brings together a number of unrelated storylines, such as the current state of the universe that Rick and Morty (both voiced by Justin Roiland) resided in at the beginning of the series, and Rick’s search for the alternate universe version of himself that was responsible for the death of his family.

Similarly, beginning with Episode 3 of Season 6 of “Rick and Morty,” many episodes have referenced a specific Jerry (Chris Parnell)-centric plotline from Season 2.

The Jerryboree appears many times during the sixth season of Rick and Morty.

The first episode of Season 6 of “Rick and Morty” involves a Jerry reveal that has a connection to the storyline of an earlier episode that was shown years earlier. This is a moment that contributes to the canon of the series. In a nutshell, it is revealed that the version of Jerry that is native to the dimension in which the majority of the show takes place was replaced with Jerry from another universe at a multidimensional Jerry daycare facility called Jerryboree. Jerryboree was first introduced in the episode “Mortynight Run” from Season 2 of the show.

As it happens, the Jerryboree theme is also used in the post-credits tag for the third episode of Season 6. After his wife Beth (Sarah Chalke) engages in a relationship of questionable ethics with her own clone, it would appear that Jerry is interested in having an affair with one of the other iterations of himself as well. Therefore, in this last scene, he goes to Jerryboree, where he is denied entry at the front desk because of a regulation that is designed to prohibit the same thing that prompted him to go there in the first place.

During an interview with Screen Rant, Justin Roiland discussed the significance of scenes like this one. He did so in the context of contrasting his approach to “Rick and Morty” with that of the majority of other series in its genre. “Their major focus is humour and jokes, jokes, jokes, which we strive to do too, but we also have repercussions and stakes and stuff that will reverberate over seasons,” he added. “Their show is mostly about jokes.” Therefore, the continuation of including Jerryboree is one example of a narrative element producing a ripple effect that will be felt in subsequent seasons.

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