A 14-Year-Old Michigan Boy Is Accused of Killing His 10-Year-Old Stepsister

A 14-Year-Old Michigan Boy Is Accused of Killing His 10-Year-Old Stepsister

Following the discovery of his stepsister’s death on Tuesday, a youngster in Michigan has been charged with murder, according to the police.

According to MLive.com, Jameion Peterson, 14, was detained in connection with the killing of Na’Mylah J. Turner-Moore, 10, whose body was later found in a lot close to her stepfather’s home after she had been reported missing.

The girl’s mother, Melonzine Turner, was informed that her daughter was missing while she was at the hospital, so she left and went home, where she was informed by the police that the girl had passed away.

According to Turner, “They found her as soon as I got at the scene,” MLive.com said.

Turner called her daughter, who will turn 11 later this month, “everything” and claimed that she was constantly laughing, dancing, and posting TikTok videos.
According to the source, Turner said that “my baby was everything.” “She was happy and beaming. She had character. She had a huge social circle. Everyone wished to be near her. She was simply endearing.”

She continued, “Dancing and TikToking was her thing. Due to her mother’s Crohn’s disease, which the 10-year-old had said motivated her to pursue a career in medicine, she underwent two stomach procedures in the hospital on Tuesday.

“She always assured me, “Momma, I’ll look after you.” I intend to become a doctor “Turner declared. She displayed maturity beyond her years.
Turner, who gave birth to twins in April, claimed that the 10-year-old was a good older sister.

According to the mother, “She simply wanted them in her face all the time,” according to MLive.com. She simply wanted to show her siblings and brothers affection because she was aware that she was the oldest.

Turner, who is still healing from her surgery, expressed her anguish at the possibility that her stepson was responsible for her daughter’s passing.
She said to MLive.com, “I treated the boy like he was my own.” “I covered his back with cloths. He resembled one of my previous kids. He would never have done anything like this, in my opinion. On the other hand, you shouldn’t assume anything and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

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