What Time Will Master Chef Season 12 Episodes 14 and 15 Air? Gas Station Snacks, Winner’s Mystery Box Challenge, and More

What time will MasterChef Season 12 Episodes 14 and 15 air Gas station snacks, Winner’s mystery box challenge, and more

This year, MasterChef brought back 20 All-Star cooks rather than using home cooks, and during the weeks, viewers have seen many well-known faces leave the competition. As the Top 10 were revealed the previous week, the competition had only reached halfway. Two more cooks will say goodbye this week.

There will be two back-to-back episodes of MasterChef this time around instead of the normal weekly instalment. The double-length episode 14, named Gas Station Gourmet/Mystery Winner’s Box, and episode 15, titled Tag Team, will both run on Fox on August 24 and August 25 at 8 p.m. ET.


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Since its resurrection, the programme has become a reality TV phenomenon and has spawned numerous spin-offs, including the Junior and Australian versions. With increasing intensity, the franchise has kept spectators on the edge of their seats, and this week won’t be any different.

All about the forthcoming episodes of MasterChef Season 12


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As the Top eight are revealed and two cooks are sent home, the tension in the MasterChef kitchen is at an all-time high. The candidates will be challenged in episode 14, Gas Station Gourmet/Mystery Winner’s Box, to elevate road trip snacks into fancy entrees. As they take on another Winner’s Mystery Box challenge in which they must prepare spicy foods, the competitors will need to turn up the heat.
Making sure the food is balanced while cooking with peppers might be challenging. Peppers can easily overshadow any dish, so the participants will need to make sure that their creations are not just hot but also bursting with taste to avoid being eliminated.


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The episode’s summary stated: “The Top 10 chefs are challenged to transform common roadside and gas station snacks into gourmet fare. Next, “MasterChef” Season Nine champion Gerron Hurt presents another Winner’s Mystery Box challenge to the Top Nine chefs. Since there are no more immunity pins available, each participant is required to make a spicy dish using a variety of chilis and peppers.
The chefs will have to choose a team and work quickly in episode 15. In the reality TV show kitchen, nothing is ever simple since for this challenge, the teams must recreate three dishes from Gordan Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurants. The all-stars who have previously prepared meals in this high-pressure kitchen are the only ones who can manage that type of pressure.
The Top 8 chefs on the show will be one step closer to the trophy by the end of this week.

What took place in the kitchen before?


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In the two-part programme last week dubbed Tag Team; GrubHub Challenge, Fred and Willie finished last. The judges deemed Fred’s Italian meatball potstickers lacking in spice, along with his charred tomato relish and parmesan crisp. Gordon thought the food was dry, but Joe thought it was “wrong on so many levels.”
In addition, Gordon said: “It doesn’t make logic. It has a bad flavour.

The judges declared that “instead of elevating it, he buried it” since Willie’s chicken and rice meatballs with apricot and plum sauce and charred veggies tasted like the competitor had deep-fried leftover Chinese food.

Fred, a 26-year-old competitor who was eliminated last week, said he was “glad to have been a part of the show” despite being eliminated.

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