Dead Island 2 Will Launch With Alexa Game Control

Dead Island 2 Will Launch With Alexa Game Control

The forthcoming zombie slaughterfest Dead Island 2 will be the first game to include Alexa Game Control, Amazon’s newest voice-activated gaming feature.

It will be possible to use Alexa Game Control with the recently relaunched Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 had been in development hell for eight years when it was first revealed in 2014, and publishers had not provided any public updates on its status outside of the many developer changes. When the much anticipated Dead Island 2 video debuted at Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live along with a number of other announcements, fans at last got a fresh look at the game.

A prominent RPG game with a contemporary zombie survival horror scenario was the original Dead Island, which was published in September 2011. Players had to stay alive at the fictitious island resort of Banoi, which had unexpectedly experienced a zombie epidemic. Similar to Borderlands, another contemporary RPG that wrested control of the genre away from the fantasy setting, Dead Island’s class system focused more on weapon proficiency and preference than it did on special skills, allowing players to find and develop their own strategies for dispatching their undead foes.

Dead Island distinguished itself from its rivals by savouring the gory sight of zombie slaughter, although not delivering anything novel in terms of gameplay or physics. No matter how severe the assault, it was certain to leave players covered in blood and immensely visceral sound effects. Dead Island 2’s most recent Gamescom release date gameplay trailer had to be significantly edited for the conference, but the emphasis on gory violence will undoubtedly remain in the sequel.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, the first of many forthcoming games to have an Alexa game control feature will be Dead Island 2. The Alexa Game Control tool, which will make its debut at Gamescom 2022, can be used with both PC and console games and enables voice-only communication between players and the games.

Right now, the biggest draw is the ability to carry out simple actions that would normally slow down gameplay, including changing weapons, bringing up a global map, and displaying the location of a task. Developers are welcome to implement instructions particular to each game, however. When playing Dead Island 2, Alexa Game Control will enable functions like taunting and attracting zombies, interacting with NPCs, triggering special combat skills, and finding nearby crafting workbenches. Given that Dead Island 2 will be the first game to use Alexa Game Control, it’s possible that Amazon’s leak of the game’s release date in February 2023 was not an accident.

Dead Island 2 Has New Possibilities Thanks to Alexa Game Control

Despite being a new concept thus far, it should be noted that Alexa Game Control is supposedly only confirmed for PC and Xbox for now. Amazon has not yet provided a statement on PlayStation compatibility. Additionally, the tool only works with the English language in North America, but Amazon has promised that other languages and areas will soon be supported. The Alexa Game Control should hopefully overcome more obstacles than only console and linguistic ones. Although using Alexa to carry out simple tasks might assist maintain immersion, the potential for more complex in-depth experiences like NPC conversation encounters is too alluring to pass up.

Even though the functionality of Alexa Game Control is only briefly described, the support for Dead Island 2 should be a comfort for fans who have been subjected to so many years of hazy information on the Dead Island sequel. Dead Island 2 seems to be building up to be another morbid romp of zombie slaughtering fun, however it is still unclear whether the game will live up to the anticipation. It will be intriguing to see what Dead Island 2 and the Alexa Game Control will get next, provided that it doesn’t take another eight years.

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