Call of Duty Warzone Season 5: Rage Serum Field Upgrade Explained

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Rage Serum field upgrade explained

Call of Duty: Warzone’s fifth season is almost ready to launch, and gamers can expect to experience a tonne of brand-new content.

Players have already seen a preview of the last season of the game thanks to the Season 5 announcement on the official Call of Duty blog.

The Rage Serum, a new enhancement medicine that the Operators can use to increase their combat capability, is one of the new in-game products that will be added to the game.

Let’s examine the Rage Serum and how it can be used by players in Call of Duty: Warzone to improve their current battle techniques.

In Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, the Operator melee combat system will receive a substantial improvement in the Rage Serum.

The majority of players are already aware that four antagonist characters will become playable Operators in Call of Duty Warzone’s Season 5 patch.

These individuals are He ‘Seraph’ Zhen Zhen, Gabriel T. Rorke, Raul Menendez, and Khaled Al-Asad. They will all be introduced as Task Force 010: Tyrants in the game.

According to the game’s storyline, while participating in horrific crimes in the Doomsday Station, evil forces allied with Raul Menendez found a new mineral near the Caldera’s core. This mineral can make the person it is injected into more volatile when combined with other compounds and distilled. The Rage Serum is a distilled serum derived from this mineral.

Operators will become wildly unstable as a result of this field enhancement, but their ability to engage in close combat will be viciously increased. When using melee weapons or fists, this will result in improved melee damage, longer lunge distances, and stronger stun effects.

The Operators will also become louder and more vulnerable to stun and flash grenades as a result of the Rage Serum, though.

The Operators’ melee fighting will benefit greatly from the Rage Serum. In close-quarters maps like Rebirth Island, the Valois Revolver and its potential for one-hit melee elimination are sure to wreck havoc.

If they don’t want to get melee killed to death in Season 5 of Warzone, players are urged to always have stuns and flashes available.

With Call of Duty: Warzone’s fifth season, more field upgrades were added to the game.
The game will also receive two additional field enhancements in Season 5, in addition to the Rage Serum. The Personal Supply Box and the Supply Box UAV are these field modifications.

The unopened supply crates on the map will be highlighted for 15 seconds by the Supply Box UAV. On the other hand, when the Operator opens the Personal Supply Box, it will drop his or her preferred loadout.

On August 24, 2022, at 9 AM Pacific Time, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 patch will go active.

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