The Showrunners Address Nancy’s Stranger Things Season 5 Love Triangle

The Showrunners Address Nancy's Stranger Things Season 5 Love Triangle

The love triangle involving Nancy in Stranger Things season 5 is discussed openly by Matt and Ross Duffer. The heroine from Stranger Things is accustomed to changes in her romantic life. The popular sci-fi show’s first season features Nancy trying to get together with Steve, played by Joe Keery, even though she feels a connection to Jonathan, played by Charlie Heaton. But in season 2, she begins to develop feelings for Jonathan following a painful split from Steve. The physical difference between Nancy and Jonathan starts to resemble an emotional one in the most recent season of the show. She and Steve are forced to cowork in Hawkins at the same time, and she gets to see firsthand how much her ex-boyfriend has changed.

Even though Stranger Things season 4 only ended in early July, there are already discussions about season 5, which will undoubtedly be the last. The Internet has been ablaze with theories, as there are many storylines to finish up, a confirmed time jump, and indications that season 1’s character groupings may return. More details will undoubtedly be released as production on the final season is set to start in the first week of August. For the time being, the main cast and creators of the programme have addressed some speculation regarding the direction the season might take while also reiterating their knowledge of the conclusion. Those who are pulling for Nancy and Jonathan may be in for a few surprises on a show that frequently extols the virtues of having something for everyone and relishes paying homage to 1980s films, especially their love triangles.

Prior to the release of Stranger Things season 5, the Duffer brothers were questioned by TVLine about whether they are “Team Jonathan” or “Team Steve.” They stated the following:

Ross: It’s difficult to pick a favourite because we adore every character. In the first few episodes of Season 2, when [Steve] was an entirely different character, Nancy last truly spent time with him. The Steve Nancy knew and spent time with was not the Steve that we have all grown to know and love because that was before even his bromance with Dustin.

What happens when you combine Nancy’s enormous growth with Steve’s, as well as the reality that she and Jonathan are geographically separated?

Although Steve’s character development has received a lot of appreciation from the show’s audience, his former on-screen love relationship hasn’t really interacted with the person he became. This demonstrates that Steve’s development was real and unmotivated by a desire to get Nancy back. Season 4 makes it evident that he still has feelings for his ex, and their chemistry is undeniable

. What happens to Jonathan now? Nancy is portrayed as ambitious throughout season 4, advancing in her job and attempting to find resolution in her personal life. Jonathan, on the other hand, admits to feeling trapped and, at times over the season, appears to be deteriorating. Despite the fact that he deserves a much-needed break from the stresses of his life, it’s possible that he and Nancy have just outgrown one another in that time.

Whatever transpires, the Duffer brothers’ remarks demonstrate that they solely have the characters’ best interests at heart. Whether Nancy chooses to restart her relationship with her present partner, spend the rest of her life with her ex-boyfriend, or even go it alone, whatever she does will be motivated by respect for the character’s destiny rather than a love triangle for its own sake.

The romance between the older teens may not seem like a big deal with all the high-stakes plots in the Stranger Things universe still unresolved. But season 5 will undoubtedly offer a satisfying resolution to Nancy’s narrative for those who have identified with her story of juggling independence and sensitivity (just not without some drama first).

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