Investigators Say Downtown Shooting Stemmed from Dispute Over $100 Bill

Investigators Say Downtown Shooting Stemmed from Dispute Over $100 Bill (1)

THE EVANSVILLE — A suspect has been detained and charged in relation to a shooting that occurred in July and is said to have been the result of an argument over a $100 bill.

Trevon Anthony Brown, 25, is accused of shooting a guy in the head in Downtown Evansville, an attempted murder allegation that carries a Level 1 felony.

On July 19, at 3:20 in the am, central dispatch got a call reporting a shooting close to 201 S. Fulton Ave. According to a probable cause statement submitted in Brown’s case, the caller informed dispatchers there was “blood everywhere.”

The victim, Aaron Plocik, was promptly found by officers from the Evansville Police Department close to the intersection of Ohio Street and Fulton Avenue. Police reported that they were unable to locate the shooter.

The sworn testimony states that Plocik was discovered laying behind his bicycle and heavily bleeding on the west side of Riverside Drive, between the Xcess Nightclub and the LST 325 memorial. Plocik was conscious and able to communicate with detectives, but he was unable to recall the events leading up to the shooting, according to the police.

Prior to the shooting, a witness allegedly told authorities that they had seen the victim arguing with a Black male who seemed to be wearing “some type of a ski mask.” Detectives were walking past the two males when they observed the victim attempting to flee. The witness had also informed them that the man with the ski mask was armed with a weapon.

Minutes later, the witness informed officers they heard a gunshot, according to the affidavit. The deceased was on the ground when they turned around, and a black man was sprinting south on Northwest Riverside Drive.

Investigators at the crime scene reported finding a firearm and two shell casings there.

According to the affidavit, Plocik was questioned by officers at his residence after being discharged from the hospital. He allegedly told them that he had discovered a $100 cash on the ground just before the shooting. Brown allegedly started to pursue Plocik after taking the cash and making the allegation that the $100 bill belonged to him.

Plocik told officers the perpetrator, whom he could not recognise at the time, put on a ski mask, grabbed a revolver, and then smacked him in the face, according to the signed affidavit. Plocik claimed he was shot in the back of the head as he tried to escape on his bicycle.

Police claimed to have found security video from the Xcess Nightclub that showed Plocik interacting with the suspect before the latter follows him across Riverside Drive and disappears from view.

According to authorities, Brown was recognised as the shooter in a photo lineup on August 14.

A representative of the Evansville Police Department was contacted by The Courier & Press for more information regarding Brown’s arrest.

On Tuesday, Brown made his initial appearance in Vanderburgh County Superior Court, where Judge Robert J. Pigman reportedly set his bond at $150,000.

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