‘Westworld’: Unanswered Questions We Have After Season 4

'Westworld' Unanswered Questions We Have After Season 4

For devoted viewers, Westworld has undoubtedly been a journey (and a commitment). Since the first season of Lost, television’s most intriguing mysteries and coolest Easter eggs have come from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s debut season. Westworld effectively resembled HBO’s follow-up blockbuster event series to Game of Thrones by fusing sci-fi philosophy, intricate storytelling, stunning plot twists, and endearing characters.

Westworld has always had its own rules of the game. The mystery boxes were increased over the course of the following three seasons, although keeping up with the show’s different timelines may have turned off casual viewers. The ratings for Season 3 significantly dropped, and it had no noticeable impact on the Emmys. Season 3 did not receive a nomination for Best Drama Series, in contrast to the prior two seasons.

Despite the ambition of Season 4, there are still many unanswered questions. Fans are waiting in suspense to see if any of their urgent questions will be addressed as the show has not yet been renewed. The unsolved questions from Season 4, Episode 8, “Que Será, Será,” are listed below.

What will Christina be tested on?

Westworld nearly seems to admit that the original title of the programme was the greatest choice for it. In The Sublime, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) constructs a new test that resembles the old Sweetwater from Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) park. When the train pulls up, Dolores is wearing the identical blue dress from the first season.

But what precisely does Dolores’ “test” entail? It appears that she is reviving each host and human’s memory, although it is unknown how this will vary from previous occurrences. It would seem odd for Dolores to create a game that is an exact replica of Ford’s. Whatever the outcome of this test, it will be the last word on humanity because the real world can no longer be saved.

The Outliers: What happened to them?

The host version of Caleb (Aaron Paul) bids Frankie (Aurora Perrineau) farewell in one of the more poignant scenes from “Que Será, Será” as he decides to stay on the pier. Caleb discovers that Frankie and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), who had rescued him from Olympiad’s headquarters, are following divergent routes. Caleb notes that he had the opportunity to witness his daughter’s development, which is every parent’s goal.

According to Dolores’ final speech, humanity will ultimately destroy itself and life on Earth is doomed to die. The hosts that are currently in The Sublime are the only source of future hope. But Frankie and the other Outliers never perish, so maybe some humans have a better future.

Who are the hosts on The Sublime?

Almost any Westworld character may show up in this new “test” that Dolores has created because she is able to bring back everybody she has ever met. When Dolores is drawing from her memories, anybody is fair game, even if it appeared that William (Ed Harris), Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) had all passed away permanently in the real world.

The “actual” Teddy, along with all the other hosts that passed into the digital afterlife at the conclusion of Season 2, is undoubtedly present in The Sublime. Earlier in the season, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) spoke with Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon), but a number of hosts, including Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), Armistice (Ingrid Bols Berdal), and Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto), gave their lives before arriving at “The Door.” Additionally, Dolores might bring back the characters she made to assist her this season, such her roommate Maya (Ariana DeBose).

Has humanity vanished?

Dolores’ closing remarks suggest that there isn’t much hope for the outside world. As a post-apocalyptic world emerges, the remaining hosts and humans appear to be engaged in a brutal struggle. On a boat, Frankie and Odina (Morningstar Angeline) were able to flee the city, although they appear to be among the few people who haven’t contracted the virus Hale was disseminating.

It’s a gloomy way to say goodbye to humanity. If there is a fifth season, both Joy and Nolan have seemed to imply that it will be centred around the original park. Will the outer world ever appear to us? Perhaps leaving it unclear is preferable.

Will Dolores reopen the more parks?

Westworld quickly left behind its western settings. The Raj, Shgunworld, WarWorld, the “Golden Age,” and the enigmatic “Park Five” have also been sighted. Although Dolores’ next test seems to be just reviving Westworld, there may be more to her game than what we could see from the quick glance.

It would be intriguing to see certain characters from other worlds reappear even if the other parks don’t. One of the series’ high points was the Shgunworld narrative from Season 2, which had several characters that haven’t seen since. It can be fun to mix all of these different genres together to keep things surprising.

Caleb and Stubbs succeed in reaching The Sublime?

All of Bernard’s prophecies have so far come true, even the one in which he said Stubbs wouldn’t survive. While Caleb and Frankies are fleeing the city, Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) savagely shoots Stubbs. One of the more violent parts of the conclusion is this one. Is Stubbs truly gone? Even if his consciousness hasn’t reached The Sublime, it’s possible that Dolores will be able to recall a new version of him.

In the end, Caleb decides to follow Frankie out of the city. It’s a fitting conclusion to his story because Caleb wouldn’t want to see Frankie age and pass away, therefore it’s ideal if he has one last hope left. Although Caleb doesn’t actually die, the odds of him surviving given how terrible the city is are quite low. Caleb doesn’t know where The Sublime is, but like Stubbs, he could be changed by Dolores into a different person.

Will there be a Season 5? Is it even required?

A fifth and final season of Westworld is planned, according to Joy and Nolan’s statements on the season finale. Even if it’s difficult to believe, the “five season arc” is something they’ve mentioned since the beginning of the show. The programme hasn’t yet been renewed, though. Although HBO is notoriously merciless in its termination of successful shows, particularly those that experience a fall in viewership, Ed Harris has stated that he believes Season 5 might begin filming as early as next spring.

Even if Westworld is not renewed, the ending is not wholly disappointing. The show has made many provocative claims about the nature of humanity, but Dolores’ test will ultimately prove if the hosts are capable of improving the world. The hosts have both magnificent and awful actions in them. It’s unknown which path they will choose, but perhaps we don’t need one more loop.

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