Jackson hosts the Better Men Society’s Youth Crime Summit

Jackson hosts the Better Men Society's Youth Crime Summit

(CSU) ACKSON, Miss. On the lawn near Smith Robinson Road, more than a dozen young people from the Jackson area came to participate in the Better Men Society’s first youth summit.

Attendee Doris Foxy Davis remarked, “God has called his people for such a time as this to pray for the city of Jackson and neighbouring areas.

Today’s gathering had as its theme “taking our youth back from the devil.”

According to Christopher Cooper of the Better Men Society, “Our youth are screaming, but no one is actually listening.” So, in addition to attempting to listen to our youth, we also want to celebrate them and show them that someone is interested in them.

According to Cooper, the purpose of activities like these is to introduce more youngsters to Christ, enhance their mental and physical health, and set them on the correct path to being contributing members of society.

We must work to impart this love in our children and help them understand their worth so they may respect not only one another but also themselves. Because many of us haven’t been taught how to love, we just want to demonstrate it for them, and the only way to do so is via Jesus, according to Cooper.

Local rap groups and praise dancers showcased their talents at the event to encourage other young people to participate in healthy activities.

I hope someone can reach out to them and give them some integrity, morality, and values, Davis prayed. They also emphasise that a collective effort will be required to change the city’s criminal behaviour.

Cooper remarked, “We have to reconnect with our community by going back into it. “And the best way to engage with our community is to demonstrate unity and understand that there is strength in numbers.”

At the ceremony, Rodney Depriest observed, “Our youth are struggling. “The message isn’t always good for kids, and this shows them that the neighbourhood does care about them. There are other options besides some of the violence in our city.

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