Results of Minneapolis PD’s plan to combat crime hotspots

Results of Minneapolis PD's plan to combat crime hotspots

CSU – There were both good and bad news in the updated gun crime figures that the Minneapolis police department provided on Wednesday.

Recently, gun crime has increased while police manning has decreased. When compared to 2021, fewer people will be shot in 2022. Calls about shootings are also down 5% from 2021 to 2022. However, despite a decrease in shooting reports, there has been a 266% increase in the usage of extremely deadly fully automatic firearms since last year.

Switches, commonly referred to as “auto sears,” are the primary culprit, according to MPD Crime Analyst Austin Rice. They can be 3D printed and placed on firearms, although the majority of people get them online.

Data also reveals the hotspots that the police have located. They are the Broadway Avenue corridor, 27th and Bloomington, Franklin and Chicago, and 19th and Nicollet neighbourhoods, among others.

This summer, various agencies collaborated over 12 days of targeted enforcement as a result of the data utilised to construct the focused enforcement detail. The outcomes of that work include 209 arrests, 150 weapons seized, and a reduction in police target areas of up to 55%.

The found fentanyl is worth between $70,000 and $100,000.

LaTrisha Vetaw, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, acknowledged the effort. The councilwoman said, “I have neighbours who have bullet holes in their homes and kids who are afraid to go to the store, and they have contacted my office and said we see the change since this Operation Safe Summer has been going on.

Jason Case, Commander of Strategic Operations for the MPD, continued, “It is a new, reimagined method of attempting to get things done with less personnel.”

According to MPD data, just about half of gunshot victims and those detained for gun crimes are Minneapolis residents, a number that has decreased over the past two years.

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