‘Hacks’: The Biggest Reveals About Season 3 (So Far)

'Hacks' The Biggest Reveals About Season 3 (So Far) (1)

Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder), a 25-year-old struggling comedy writer, and Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), a famed comedian with a residency at a hotel in Las Vegas, are the subjects of HBO’s Hacks. Ava and Deborah become unusual friends after Ava is brought to Deborah to work as her top comedy writer. Together, they develop new material (and, in Season 2, a completely new programme) and solve both of their challenging personal issues.

Additionally, the show cleverly incorporates crucial discussions on feminism from many generations. 32 Emmy Awards were nominated for Hacks, and three were awarded. Hacks was formally renewed for Season 3 in June 2022, one month after the release of Season 2.

What took place at the conclusion of Season 2?

Ava’s remorse about the revealing email that she sent to producers in an effort to make a programme about evil bosses like Deborah while high on drugs and drink at the end of Season 1 set the tone for Season 2’s opening moments. After a potential lawsuit, failed jokes in quaint comedy clubs, and failed jokes on lesbian cruises, Deborah starts her tour, and Ava and Deborah both have success with their comic special. The group went to tremendous lengths to book the Las Vegas hotel since other production firms either attempted to undervalue Deborah or rejected her entirely.

Deborah succeeds when she decides to self-finance and sells her comedy taping on QVC. Deborah abruptly fires Ava in the very last minutes of Season 2 after coming to a conclusion, ordering her to concentrate on her job and the following “mountain to climb.” A packaged and neat resolution sees Deborah restore her status as a comedy “legend” and Ava land a new job.

Potential Storyline

Since Season 3 of Hacks was just recently renewed this summer, there isn’t much information available concerning the storyline. The most likely scenario is that Deborah would encounter a situation in her professional life that need the assistance of Ava, who is basking in her success in Los Angeles. Fans can also anticipate that the humorous combo, Jimmy (Paul W. Downs) and Kayla (Megan Stalter), will have a supporting storyline given their new management company. Being a member of the Main Cast, Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins) is certain to have some sort of romance plot.

Again, all of this is conjecture based on Seasons 1 and 2’s happenings. Due to the mounting friction and potential adjustments with Warner Bros. and Discovery, who joined and own HBOMax, the plot may be drastically altered or the show may even be temporarily halted.

Characters (New and Old)

Character-wise, every character that has made an appearance in a main, supporting, or recurrent role should definitely be returning. Downs, who portrays the anxious and endearing agent to Deborah and Ava, is the series’ showrunner, writer, and director, so he will undoubtedly return.

No new characters have been introduced, and no public casting information has been made available in the last two months that may suggest that fresh character casting has begun. There might not be many more characters to add at this time to Hacks because of its big ensemble cast.

Creators Discuss

After the second season of Hacks was released, Downs told Entertainment Weekly, “We wanted to feel like there was an ending, and that was extremely fulfilling. And in my opinion, when you reach the goal and are truly satisfied, it frequently feels like the conclusion. However, Lucia [Aniello, a series creator], said this, therefore I’m going to use her words.”

“This, in our opinion, is merely the second chapter of a lengthy tale that we wish to convey. The ending of the series was not what you saw in Season Two’s episode 8 when we originally presented this show. We merely wanted it to feel like the conclusion of this season, but we also wanted to leave the viewer wondering, “What does the future hold for these two women?”

Launch Date

Season 3 of Hacks has not yet been given a premiere date. Given that the series was only recently renewed for a third season in June, it is likely that the writers, producers, directors, and other creatives are still working diligently on the pre-production stages of development. This entails screenplays, storyboarding, and preparation to ensure that production runs without a hitch. Although the crew had not yet learned of the renewal at that point, according to creator Lucia Aniello in the same statement to EW, they were still making creative plans.

So they might have an advantage! Regardless, a reasonable prediction for the release of Hacks season 3 is mid-2023, possibly in the late spring or early summer. That might alter, though, in light of recent reports that Discovery and Warner Bros. may cancel HBOMax in 2023.

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