Sihanoukville Gov Wants to Strike Back Against Crime and Casinos

Sihanoukville Gov Wants to Strike Back Against Crime and Casinos

Cambodia wants to take more steps to ensure that casinos who use money laundering techniques are dealt with severely and permanently. Kuoch Chamroeun, the provincial governor of Preah Sihanouk, has taken this responsibility seriously because he wants to make sure that any gambling establishment connected in any way to criminal proceedings would have their licences suspended.

Focus on Sihanoukville Casinos and the Gambling Industry

According to local media outlets, Chamroeun is aiming to strengthen the response against serious offences that have led the US State Department to issue a warning about Cambodia and the prospects for investors to conduct business there, such as drug and human trafficking, gun crimes, murders, and illegal confinement.

The governor’s answer includes an effort to improve the nation’s inconsistent track record of combating such crime. A recent shooting at the Tong Fang Palirin Casino resulted in the deaths of two Chinese citizens who were shot by fellow countrymen. The governor is also reacting to that incident.

Chamroeun acknowledged that his office had taken action as a result of the recent shootings in Sihanoukville. The governor said that he has directed immediate action against casinos and related commercial locations in a statement to local media agencies.

The governor and authorities will take action to close them down, suspend licences, and request authorization from the government to withdraw company licences if there is evidence that these companies have engaged in illegal activity, Chamroeun said.

The Governor Is Confident We Can Fight Crime

The governor continued, “We are formally notifying the proprietors of casinos and other businesses within our authority that no additional incidences will be permitted.” Sihanoukville has a long history of being linked to crime, human trafficking, and other transgressions.

Despite repeated crackdowns on the larger criminal population in the well-known location that is home to several gambling firms, offshore gaming activities and criminal organisations have managed to flourish. The governor of Chamroeun thinks he can influence something.

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