The Rotom Phone Is Finally Getting a Second Camera

The Rotom Phone Is Finally Getting a Second Camera

A significant upgrade is coming to the Rotom Phone. The latest version of the smartphone that is inhabited by a Pokémon is finally making the switch from one to two back cameras after first debuting in the Galar region three years ago. The new Paldea region will also soon be able to purchase the handset.

I can only really make out that the second lens is black and that the primary lens is still blue, making it difficult to determine exactly what sort it is for. Though I’m hoping I’ll be able to use that second camera to snap pictures of the new best boy Fidough, I don’t think that’s enough information to make an educated bet as to whether this new lens is a telephoto, an ultrawide, or something else.

No information has been released regarding 5G support, which would make it simpler to remain in touch with your friends when travelling throughout Paldea. But I sincerely hope that Paldea does not join other areas in the drive to 5G.

The Pokédex and a map will once more be pre-loaded on the Rotom Phone, according to a press release from the manufacturer of the device. But until we can test the new Rotom Phone for ourselves on November 18, we’ll have to wait and see what additional new features might be offered.

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