Cal Thomas: The Causes of Rising Crime

Cal Thomas The Causes of Rising Crime

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HOST: PAUL BUTLER I’m Paul Butler, too. Commentator Cal Thomas will then discuss some of the policies that contribute to family dissolution.

Commentator CAL THOMAS: The Wall Street Journal has published a column by billionaire philanthropist and conservative nemesis George Soros. In it, he argues that his gifts to liberal prosecutors, who frequently release convicts on little or no bail and force them to commit fresh crimes, are justified.

According to Soros, there is no real trade-off between justice and public safety because they both support one another.

It has been tried before to implement his suggestions for lowering crime rates and improving the criminal justice system. He absurdly asserts that there is no link between local crime rates and the election of reform-minded prosecutors. In reality, jurisdictions without reform-minded prosecutors have seen an overall increase in violent crime over the past few years.

Actually, states and cities run by liberal mayors and prosecutors have seen an increase in violent and other crimes; several of these officials are up for recall elections. Democrats control government in 11 of the deadliest 15 American cities, according to the If liberal approaches to violent crime were effective, wouldn’t they already be in place in the cities that they govern?

Like many other progressives, Soros attributes the high rate of Black men being detained for both violent and nonviolent crimes on racism. African Americans have suffered more than any other racial group from violent crime. Several well-known Black voices, like former NAACP head Kweisi Mfume, author Thomas Sowell, and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley, have correctly identified the crime problem. Mfume said, “The absence of Black Fathers,” when Larry Elder questioned whether constituted a greater threat to Black communities: white racism or absent fathers. The liberal welfare state, which supported unmarried pregnancies and transformed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life, contributed to the rapid disintegration of the black family, which had endured centuries of slavery and prejudice, according to Thomas Sowell.

Moral and spiritual issues are the primary drivers of increased crime. The lack of fathers in the family, the loss of a common moral code, and the enviousness of the wealthy are all factors that have contributed to the rise in crime.

Despite the fact that no prosecutor can restore the family unit, they may improve public safety by upholding the law and strengthening the bail system, particularly for serious offenders. The religious community and prison initiatives that aim to change criminals spiritually so that they are less likely to commit new crimes after being freed are responsible for restoring the nuclear family structure.

The George Soros strategy increases the likelihood that crime and offenders will rise. Perhaps he ought to talk to crime victims to find out what they think about the very prevalent revolving door in the criminal justice system.

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