CPD Investigates Reported Teen Crime Spree

CPD Investigates Reported Teen Crime Spree

Virginia’s Charlottesville (CSU) – According to reports, some youngsters are committing crimes like mad in Charlottesville. After allowing a teenager use their home’s bathroom, the police department had issued warnings to the public a few weeks prior about people discovering wallets, cash, or other items gone.

Tito Durrette, the police chief in Charlottesville, Virginia, stated that there have been complaints of small children going up to houses, knocking on doors, and asking inquiries. “They either trick their way inside the residence or immediately begin to ransack and steal,” the author says.

The youngsters allegedly visited both Cynthia Viejo and Mark Kavid’s homes. Mark Kavid claimed, “They essentially told me they were from a Christian dancing ensemble, attempting to raise money.”

The teens would return after they had received their money. They knock thirty seconds later and ask if they can use your bathroom because they are so exhausted from working all day. stated Viejo.

She claims that Janet [her wife] received various alerts via emails from banks and credit cards within approximately 10 minutes of their departure. The alerts revealed that the Kroger on Rio Hill had received around $1,000 in gift card purchases.

The most crucial piece of advice, in my opinion, is to keep strangers out of your home, according to Chief Durrette. If you know anything about it, call us.

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