CRUISE NIGHTMARE: Freestone County family recovering physically and financially from onshore accident in Mexico

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Texas’ WACO (CSU) Summer is the busiest time for cruise travel, but one Freestone County family’s nightmare started when they wound up in a hospital emergency room in Mexico while on a summer Carnival cruise.

The Daniels family paid more than $50,000 in cash for hospitalisation in Cozumel and a private trip to the United States that was mandated by the Mexican government.

The incident began when Michael and Navlet Daniels were involved in a motor scooter accident while on a Carnival cruise’s onshore excursion.

Michael claimed that the scooter’s wear and poor condition contributed to the collision in which he and his wife were involved.

Carnival, however, asserts that they are not liable for any passenger’s safety off the ship, including during excursions.

Carnival’s supplementary terms and conditions for shore excursions are posted on their website and state that “Guests engage in all such activities off the ship at their own risk.”

The Daniels were transferred to an emergency room in Cozumel, where their daughter Fruncheska Jenkins and son Michael Daniels Jr. eventually arrived as soon as they could.

Jenkins claimed to have seen her mother lying on her back, fading in and out of consciousness, without receiving any care or medical attention from doctors, and that her father’s arm was hurt. Jenkins took charge and demanded a screening and testing because she is a nurse.

However, before starting the screening and tests, the doctors sought thousands of dollars in payment.

She felt that was strange, but Michael Jr. obtained the money and gave it to the medical professionals.

They said that one doctor performed manipulations on Michael without analgesics.

However, they soon learned that in order to stay with their parents, they needed a passport. Michael Jr.’s passports were on the ship, and Jenkins didn’t have a passport with her. Jenkins and Michael Jr. had to make a hasty choice while the ship had been waiting for them for around 30 minutes.

Michael Jr. claimed that the Carnival emergency manager told him, “I’m responsible for 8,000 other people who pay money, so we are not waiting for you to obtain your documents for your family. “I was surprised,”

Jenkins claimed she had to leave her parents behind even though Michael Jr. was able to obtain the necessary paperwork to remain with his family.

She claimed the journey back to the ship only made things worse after being forced to leave her hurt parents in a foreign place.

Jenkins remarked, “Everyone who has a balcony view from their apartment can see me coming down the long pier to get to the boat. “I can hear people shouting, ‘Hurry up! Run more quickly! You’re just a few minutes late. I was inconsolable at that point because I had just left my family and had no idea what would come next.

She claimed that as soon as she boarded, the Carnival crew shut the door and resumed their job. She did mention that some staff members led her to her room and instructed her to contact them in case she needed anything.

Michael Jr. was with his parents at the time. According to him, the hospital’s doctors wanted to operate on Navlet, but he wanted to fly them back to America so that surgeons there could perform the procedure.

Michael Jr. recalled that after the boat left, the hospital director informed him, “Well, the only way to get back now is to raise some money, and maybe they will fly you back across, you’re going to have to talk to the government.

He assumed this meant a plane ticket, but the director informed him that due to Michael and Navlet’s medical issues, he would have to pay the Mexican government to hire one of their private aircraft.

The hospital director informed Michael Jr. that the cost of the flight would be $34,000 because he had a friend in high places.

I’m desperate at this point, he admitted.

Michael Jr. was forced to pay cash after negotiating the price down to $28,000. After spending thousands of dollars on further treatments and care, he had to pay the hospital an additional $11,000 before they would release his parents.

Michael Jr. was still in danger, though. They had temporary passports, he claimed, so he had to pay an additional $600. Additionally, he had to pay money for other paperwork and stamps.

He claimed that he had the impression that the main objective was to extract as much cash as possible from the family before flying them home.

More obstacles forced him and his parents to wait for nearly an hour inside the hot plane before the government granted the pilot clearance, but they informed him that his paperwork was inaccurate.

Michael Jr. responded, “Look, I’m out of money. “We’ll just have to wait till they stamp whatever paperwork they need to alter before moving forward with this strategy,”

The 30-minute delay was over before the plane lifted off. The temperature was over 100 degrees and there was no air conditioning.

He remarked, “I glance at the pilot, and all I could see was sweat streaming down his arms.” “My mom is hot,” I think as I glance at her.

Her oxygen levels were dropping, but according to Michael Jr., the medical staff appeared to be at a loss for what to do.

“How long have you been a doctor?” I questioned. Michael uttered. “He said that he has been learning through practical application. He was not educated.

The Daniels eventually arrived in America despite the lack of educated doctors on board.

When they arrived at the hospital, according to Michael Jr., the injuries were worse than they had anticipated.

The Daniels are currently recuperating in Jenkins’ home, but they are unsure about their financial future.

The Daniels may offer advice to anyone thinking about taking a global cruise.

Michael advised checking any equipment you bring on trips abroad because, in his opinion, it is occasionally of subpar quality.

Navlet advised always taking your passport and other crucial papers that you might need in an emergency when travelling abroad.

Jenkins wants to raise awareness about what happened to her family because, despite the rarity, she never expected it to happen when they were on a family cruise.

When you go on vacation, you don’t expect to get into a serious accident or anything of the sort, but on the odd event that it does, Jenkins added, “you’re in this other nation.” “I mean, you’re confined in an ER and get the kind of care that they got, it really stinks to watch something that awful,” one person said.

Jenkins established a GoFundMe page for her brother and parents to aid in their financial recovery.

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