‘Better Call Saul’ Season Six Episode Nine Recap: Jimmy McGill Transformation Is Complete

‘Better Call Saul’ Season Six Episode Nine Recap Jimmy McGill Transformation Is Complete

It has finally occurred. The ethically problematic yet amiable attorney Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) finished developing into the unrepentant sleaze-bag we are all familiar with from Breaking Bad in this week’s Better Call Saul episode. McGill passed away. Salvation to Saul Goodman. But what surprised me the most was how tragic it turned out to be.

Even though there are still four episodes remaining, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), McGill’s legal counsel, has also been fired. Howard Hamlin’s execution was the tipping point for their breakup. The chaos of episode one, which saw Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) killed, Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) triumph, and Howard (Patrick Fabian) buried beneath the superlab, has not subsided. Better Call Saul has always seen Kim as its moral compass and a “nice person” in general. She was a trustworthy lawyer, a devoted friend, and a loving wife, but the falsehoods and the number of victims were too much.

Unexpectedly, Jimmy and Kim don’t appear much in “Fun and Games” in the first half. Instead, we learn of the consequences of Gus’ murdering of Lalo. To address Hector’s accusations of treason against the cartel, he meets with Don Eladio. Gus wins, and Hector is sent to pasture while he waits to exact his real retribution in Breaking Bad season five (spoilers).

Gus triumphs once again and appears to unwind for the first time. Gus is openly gay on the programme, and here he flirts with a lovely sommelier with silver hair. It’s amazing to see Gus having fun, but he knows all too well that love has no place in this game after what Don Eladio did to his previous partner Max. Gus instead makes a sad departure.

Howard’s wake is attended by Jimmy and Kim, who are visibly the two least at ease in the space given their role in his death. Cheryl, Howard’s wife, is upset because she never thought her husband had a drug problem (he didn’t; Jimmy and Kim made it all up), and Kim is compelled to tell Cheryl one too many lies when she claims to have seen Howard snorting lines in his office. Although required to maintain the cover narrative, it would be harsh to Kim. Soon later, she drives off after kissing Jimmy good-bye in a parking garage.

After admitting her wrongdoing and resigning from the New Mexico State Bar, Kim walks away from Jimmy despite his admission of his affections for her. The fact that so much of their deceit and plotting was motivated by love makes this moment tragic. Knowing this, Kim packs her belongings and flees before anybody else suffers harm. We’re both sobbing along with her.

The show then advances one year. Jimmy has switched Kim’s flat for the extravagant estate we witnessed the FBI tearing up in the cold open of the series, and his love for her for that of a sex worker. With Kim gone, Jimmy has nothing left to live for after defeating his brother and capturing the legal firm of Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill. As a result, he takes on the identity of Saul. We were prepared for it. Even though we believed it to be what we wanted, we are now unsure.

WTF moment of all: a quiet, abrupt split

the final row in every row. The most heartbreaking aspect of Jimmy and Kim’s split is how little animosity is expressed in the scene—all that is seen instead is loss, grief, and regret over a failed romance.

The most pressing issue this week is: What comes next?

Lalo has left. Kim and Jimmy have separated. Gus may peacefully construct his superlab. Even though there are still four episodes left, everything is ready for Breaking Bad, and the time leap at the end of this episode creates more questions than it does answers. It’s difficult to predict what will happen next for once.

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