When will ‘All American: Homecoming’ Season 2 be on Netflix?

When will ‘All American Homecoming’ Season 2 be on Netflix

All American: Homecoming season 1 was unexpectedly acquired by Netflix US in July 2022 after originally going to HBO Max. We have fantastic news: a second season is coming and it should be available on Netflix. All 13 episodes are already available on the service.

All American, All American: Homecoming is a spin-off that initially debuted as a covert pilot in the parent series. It focuses on Simone Hicks, who is now enrolled in Bringston University in Atlanta, Georgia. It follows the highs and lows of her endeavours to break into the tennis professional ranks.

As we previously know, HBO Max was the initial plan for the show. It was supposed to premiere in late June 2022, however the show wasn’t accessible on that day. On July 12th, 2022, it was unexpectedly and solely licenced to Netflix.

It’s important to note that All American: Homecoming is now exclusively available on Netflix in the United States, and that situation is likely to persist. You’ll need to find another means to view the series if you reside outside of the United States.

All American: Homecoming will there be a season 2?

There will, indeed!

Homecoming and its mothership series All American were both renewed this year, despite a sizable amount of The CW catalogue being cancelled.

Season 5 of All American got picked up, and it will air on Netflix in 2023.

Deadline learned in early July 2022 that the second season of All American: Homecoming will premiere in October 2022. (specifically October 10th). The first season started falling in the middle of the season, so this is a little early.

Will Netflix release All American: Homecoming at all? Can we anticipate it soon?

It’s not a given that All American: Homecoming’s new season will air on Netflix, unlike other CW programmes. Homecoming is an exception to this rule; all prior The CW shows heading to Netflix will do so for the duration of their run on The CW. Having said that, it is very probable that Netflix will purchase more seasons.

Assuming it does, it would have to air on Netflix after The CW has finished airing it. We may anticipate that the 13 anticipated episodes will end up in early Spring 2023 and then launch on Netflix shortly afterward due to the earlier release date than season 1.

Due of this lack of definitive air dates, etc., we are presently forecasting:

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