Everything We Know About Hacks Season 3

Everything We Know About Hacks Season 3

Hacks is back after a second chapter that was incredibly popular. Including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Smart, the second season of the Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder comedy received an astounding 17 nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards.

According to HBO Max’s Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey, “We are pleased with the fan and press reception to the next season and glad to give audiences more of this magnificent, humorous, emotional programme.”

The stand-up special Deborah recorded in season two allowed her to retake her place in the comedy industry, and Deborah dismissed Ava to allow her young assistant to finally follow her own goals.

“We definitely got the sense of closure that we were looking for. And in my opinion, when you reach the goal and are truly happy, it frequently feels like the conclusion. Lucia, though, stated this, so I’ll use her words. This, in our opinion, is only the second instalment in a much longer tale. And when we presented the programme, we really proposed a different conclusion than what you saw in season 2 episode 8 “Paul W. Downs, a co-creator, said to Entertainment Weekly.

Because it’s kind of like: What does the future hold for these two ladies, we just wanted it to seem like there was conclusion to this season while still making it a standalone cliffhanger. Added he.

Season three will thus continue to follow Deborah and Ava into the future, whatever it may contain.

There is little doubt that Smart and Einbinder will come back to reprise their parts. “When I was younger, I aspired to be a stand-up comedian. I dressed myself as Phyllis Diller and attended a costume party in middle school “Prior to now, Smart told T&C. Upon receiving the screenplay from my agent, I said, “You’ve crossed something off my bucket list.”

Although the launch date hasn’t been set, based on past seasons, Hacks should air sometime in the spring of 2023.

As soon as we find out more, we’ll update this post.

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