Everything We Know About Ms. Marvel Season 2

Everything We Know About Ms. Marvel Season 2

The majority of Marvel television series on Disney+ to date have either introduced fresh characters or transformed well-known heroes. To give two examples, WandaVision transformed Wanda into a darker, angrier version of herself, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier handed the Captain America hat to Sam Wilson (after a brief tenure with John Walker) (check out Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to see the direction that went in beyond Disney+’s story). Many of the MCU episodes were created as limited series to keep viewers over until the next big film.

Since Loki is somewhat disconnected from much of what is happening in the MCU, he is the only Marvel programme to have received official Season 2 approval thus far. Additionally, there has been no formal confirmation of the continuation of other shows, such as Hawkeye and Moon Knight, for a second season. Of course, Marvel has the following phase planned, but they like to keep details under wraps. Ms. Marvel is the only one left, and she is in an intriguing situation.

We already know that Kamala Khan will appear in The Marvels, the follow-up to the 2019 film Captain Marvel, but will it be the last time we see her? Or is the first Pakistani-American superhero in the MCU more of an individual story?

Here is all we know about Ms. Marvel’s second season. The most recent information will be posted in this area.

When will The Marvels be released?

The Marvels, where she will co-star with Teyonah Parris and Brie Larson (as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers), is the next location we can be sure to see Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (as Monica Rambeau). On July 28, 2023, just over a year from today, the movie will be released in theatres.

Something else regarding The Marvels to anticipate? After starring in Disney+’s upcoming Secret Invasion, which is scheduled to air later this year, it’s anticipated that this will be Nick Fury’s comeback to the big screen. There is no such thing as too much Samuel L. Jackson, according to our rule at Men’s Health. This is all excellent news, therefore.

Is Ms. Marvel Making A Comeback For Season 2?

Sincerely, we have no idea. In comparison to Loki, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight, whose future appearances are unknown, Kamala’s tale is more similar to WandaVision in that we know we’ll see her soon in an MCU film. Therefore, it’s unclear at this time if Kamala will continue to have standalone storylines on Disney+ or if her story will only be told in motion pictures. It’s reassuring that Disney+ refers to Episode 6 of Ms. Marvel as a “Season Finale” rather than a “Series Finale.”

Kamala went back to her bedroom in the Season 1 finale’s post-credits sequence. Unexpectedly, she and Carol Danvers traded places as her bracelet started to shine! Although it’s obvious that the programme is immediately tying into The Marvels, we won’t know where Kamala is or even how Carol managed to trade places with her until the movie’s July 2023 release.

After The Marvels, if there is a Season 2 of Ms. Marvel, we most likely won’t see any new episodes until 2023, which would surely affect Kamala’s plot.

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